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Fifty-second week + two days (December 23rd–31st)

[I usually just do a week, but I wanted to finish the year off and not connect it to the next year.]

December 23rd

Church today!
Today was my day to help in Children’s Church. We didn’t do a whole lot. We let the kids listen to a Christmas cd (Adventures in Odyssey). They also wrote their names on an ornament and then I wrote the name of the Christmas program on one side (What God Wants for Christmas).

After lunch I finished the presents I have been working on. I wrapped my presents while watching Christmas movies with my mom.

DSCN2761 copy
The black angry bird and the pigs I made for my three middle nephews. 
Here is the pattern and directions for the black bird and here is the pattern and directions for the pig.

DSCN2765 copy
The present I made for my oldest sister. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to.

December 24th

CHRISTmas Eve!

I had to run an errand for my oldest sister. My mom went with me and we got some ice cream (my dad wanted some) from a grocery store nearby. We came home and got all the food ready for our family Christmas celebration. My siblings, their kids (expect for my oldest nephew Sad smile), and one of my brother-in-laws will be here to celebrate CHRISTmas. It’s a tradition in our family to have snack items to eat before we open gifts. We eat, then my dad reads from The Bible (Matthew 2:1-12), then we open gifts in an orderly fashion .

DSCN2776 (2) copy
My four nephews ready to open presents.

DSCN2772 copy
The tree with gifts for everyone under it. Lots of gifts, enough for ten people.

My sister got my parents a Wii for Christmas. So my parents, brother, and I played it after everyone left. We were up until after midnight playing it.

December 25th

Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!
DSCN2869 copy

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
[Ok. I’m not sure this is Jesus’ actual birth date, but this is the day Christians (and maybe a few others) choose to celebrate it.]

I got up around 10 am to talk to my oldest nephew on the phone Smile. I ate some cinnamon rolls and watched “Christmas Shoes” and “Christmas Blessing” with my mom. We (my parents, brother, and I) then opened our stockings and ate a light lunch. We played on the Wii some. I helped my mom make supper (my brother and I almost forgot to make desert- Jello No Bake Cheesecake and Peanut Butter thing). We ate supper, played on the Wii, then ate desert, then played on the Wii some more (bowling, frisbee dog, frisbee golf, golf and archery).

DSCN2854 copy
These were the items in my stocking (a puzzle, a cherry candy cane, earrings, butterscotch candies, and strawberry candies).

December 26th

My Great Aunt’s funeral was today. My brother stayed here with my middle three nephews so that I could go with my parents. The church had a dinner for the family and we stayed for it. It was nice to see some extended family that I haven’t seen in awhile, too bad it was for a funeral. We came home and played Wii with the boys. My brother took the boys home and stayed the night with them. My parents and I played some Wii and had some supper. I watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” with my mom.

DSCN2884 copy
The sun trying to shine through the clouds. It was a gloomy day and it lightly snowed off and on all day.

December 27th

I slept for most of the day. I felt drained of all my energy (probably from playing too much Wii the past few days). I read my book most of the day.

DSCN2915 copy
My Angel Beanie Bear that my oldest nephew gave me for Christmas one year (not sure how long ago, at least six years ago).

December 28th

I played on the Wii today (tennis, basketball, archery, bowling, and skydiving). My next to the oldest nephew came over to spend the night tonight. After supper we all (my parents, brother, nephew, and I) played Wii. We watched the news, then my brother, nephew, and I played Wii some more (bowling, skydiving, and archery).

DSCN2936 copy
I found some Hazelnut spread at Aldi that is similar to Nutella. It tastes the same to me and it’s about half the price.

December 29th

I had to picked up my sister and take her to get fitted and get a CPAP (I think that’s what it’s called) machine. It helps her breathe through the night since she has sleep apnea. I brought the boys back home with me since it was going to take her awhile. I went and got her and we then had to go get a prescription filled for her youngest. We had to wait at Walgreens for it to be filled, so she got some other stuff and got me a three pack of mini twist bobby pins. She came back here and we all had lunch together. I then took her and the boys home and mom and I went shopping to get groceries and other stuff. My brother and I took back some items to the library. We came home and ate supper then played some on the Wii.

DSCN2946 copy
My dad has been saying for months that he saw a pink Beatle. No one was with him and he hadn’t seen it since. As my brother and I were coming home after returning items to the library, we saw this Beatle in a parking lot near the library. I took this picture to show my dad to see if it was the same car and he said it was.

December 30th

Church today!
Title of the message was, “Be An Influence”. Three components to being a godly influence in 2013 are; 1) A person of Influence is willing to Sacrifice (1 Thessalonians 2:1-2), 2) A person of Influence is willing to Please God (1 Thessalonians 2:3-4, Galatians 1:10), 3) A person of Influence is willing to Share Their Life (1 Thessalonians 2:6-8, 1:6, 2:10-12).

After supper my parents, brother, and I played the Wii some (this has become a new ritual for us).

DSCN2965 (2) copy
Me getting ready for church wearing my necklace and earrings (can’t really see) that my oldest sister gave me for my birthday (this was the first time I wore them).

December 31st

I watched my three middle nephews today. I went to the bank for my mom and it was snowing a bit. I really don’t like driving when it’s snowing or slick out. I did alright driving there and back. I played the Wii some with my nephews then watched my brother and nephews play. My next to the youngest wanted to play out in the snow, so I got all the snow gear out and all the boys ended up outside playing. I joined them for a little while. My brother-in-law got off work early, picked up my sister and then came and got the boys. My brother went to their house for New Year’s Eve. I stayed up with my mom to ring in the New Year (my dad was here, but he was in a different room).

DSCN3024 copy
A tree in one of my neighbors yard. Apparently they put some lights on the tree (that’s what the color dots are in this picture). I thought it looked so nice covered in snow.

Thank you to all who have read my blog throughout the year. Please join me on my new blog and see what 2013 looks like through my lens.



I thought I’d share with you the various cameras that I have used throughout the year to take the pictures I have shared on here. When I first started this blog a year ago I didn’t know that I would use different cameras to take pictures.

Kodak EasyShare C180 (teal)-this camera is the one that wouldn’t turn on for me over the summer (I bought it in October 2009).
Kodak EasyShare C813-this camera’s display screen went white on me in 2009. It still takes pictures, but I can’t see what I’m taking pictures of until I upload them to my computer (I bought it in December 2007, so the warranty had expired). I used it a couple of times this past year to see if it still worked.
Kodak EasyShare C1550 (blue)-this is the camera that a friend of mine loaned me for about two months when my C180 (teal) wouldn’t turn on.
Kodak EasyShare CX6200-this was my first digital camera I ever bought (I bought it in 2003). It still works, but I need to tape or rubber band the battery door shut (one of the hinges broke). I used it this year after my friend needed her camera back and before I got my new one.
Nikon Coolpix L26 (red)-this is the new camera that my parents bought for me as an early birthday present in August.


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