Posted by: erh77 | January 4, 2013

Fifty-first Week (December 16th–22nd)

December 16th

Church today!
The kids performed their program today. They didn’t have any lines, they just represented the characters in the Christmas story. The congregation sang Christmas Hymns (carols) between each scene. The kids did really well. [I would post a picture of all the kids on stage, but I’m not sure how some of the parents feel about having their kids on a public website like this one.]

DSCN2623 copy
This is the head cleaner for my VCR. I wanted to watch a movie I had taped a long time ago, but couldn’t because the the VCR ‘heads’ needed cleaning.

December 17th

I addressed and mailed some Christmas cards today. I didn’t have enough stamps to send them all. My brother, mom, and I went to Meijer to get a few things and we got some more stamps (so I could mail the rest of the cards).

DSCN2637 copy
Lights on a house in the town I live in. The circles are around wagon wheels. The wagon sits outside this house year round. One year the lights on the wheels blinked making it look like the wheels were moving.

December 18th

I went to my oldest sister’s work to drop off a present for my oldest nephew and his girlfriend. My sister is mailing it to them (along with all the other gifts we have for him) since he can’t make it home for Christmas (he lives several states away). I tried to figure out Christmas pop up cards and decided to do a simple tree punch out card instead (see tomorrow- Dec. 19th- for how the card turned out).

DSCN2639 copy
I was trying to get a picture of the sun, but I couldn’t see it too well on my display screen. So this is what I got. It still is a good picture.

December 19th

I finished the Christmas cards and mailed them (hopefully they get them before Christmas).

DSCN2647 copy
The front and inside of the mini cards I made before I added any writing. The cards are about 2 1/2 inches squared (when closed). Each one is a little different.

December 20th

It snowed today. not a whole lot, but enough to stick and cover some areas. I watched the boys (my middle three nephews) while my sister and brother went and got supper for my parents and I from McDonalds. I did a load of laundry. I also started knitting a stuff animal for one of my nephews, but will probably not finish it in time for Christmas.

DSCN2667 copy
Snow on the bush in the front yard. not a whole lot of snow, but enough to make the bush look pretty.

December 21st

I cleaned some in the dinning room (getting it ready for our Christmas celebration). I worked on presents for my parents. I made some spritz cookies using my Cookie Press that I got last year for Christmas. I dyed some of the dough red and some of it green to look festive. I decided to make two of my nephews pigs from Angry Birds. I made one today.

DSCN2701 copy
Some of the green and red cookies I made today.

December 22nd

My great Aunt passed away today. This lady was like a grandma to me. She has had health problems for well over a year now. She is now in Heaven with some of her brothers and sisters (one of them being my mother’s real mom whom I never got to meet).

I went Christmas shopping with my mom and brother today. I helped my brother pick out some things for our nephews. I worked some more on a present for my oldest sister and another pig.

DSCN2711 copy
I took a picture of the sun through the window of my brother’s car, so it capture all the dirt particles on the window.


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