Posted by: erh77 | January 1, 2013

Fiftieth Week (December 9th–15th)

December 9th

Church today!
I was asked to help get the kids ready for the program they are doing next week (I have to make sure that the kid playing Gabriel comes in and goes out when he is suppose to). My youngest nephew is playing Gabriel.

DSCN2378 copy
My name thing that my oldest sister bought me a long time ago. It sits on the shelves near by bed. This is a good verse (Psalm 28:7) for me to remember.

I started reading Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman today.

December 10th

My next to the oldest nephew stayed home (well here) from school today because he was sick. He has pneumonia and got an inhaler and medication from the doctor (he went last night to the er). I watched some tv with my three middle nephews after the younger two got here after school. I worked on a Christmas present for my oldest nephew.

DSCN2387 copy
My brother with his White Sox Gnome. The Gnome was on the phone (not sure who he was talking to Smile).

December 11th

I worked on my oldest nephew’s present again today. I also worked on a present for my oldest sister. My brother, mom, and I went to the store then my brother and I had to go to our sister’s house to get some things from there.

DSCN2425 copy
Some of the lights in a park in the town I live in. Most of the park was covered in lights. We passed this park on our way back from the store.

December 12th

I did some laundry and between loads, I watched NCIS with my brother and read some in my book.

DSCN2436 copy
I was cleaning off a table in our dinning room and found these starbursts (they haven’t been there that long, maybe a few days). My mom said I could have them.

December 13th

I worked some more on Christmas gifts for my oldest nephew and oldest sister. I was able to finish the gift for my oldest nephew.

DSCN2556 copy
My ‘Hope’ (It has a few verses about hope on it) candle holder that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas one year. I haven’t burned any candles in it yet.

December 14th

I had to watch a tv show and not watch the news so much after hearing about what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. At first they were saying the age range was 5-10 and all I could think about was my nephews and kids I know that are in that age range. It made me so sad. My next to the youngest and middle nephews had an Art Show/Holiday Concert at night. My next to the youngest nephew sang with his class and a few others and my middle nephew had some art on display. I saw a friend and her grandson there that I haven’t seen in awhile.

DSCN2569 copy
My mom’s stocking.

DSCN2570 copy
My dad’s stocking. These stockings are old and are starting to fray in places. Maybe they need new ones.

December 15th

I went shopping with my Mom (we went to a few stores to get various things, mostly for Christmas). I got out the Christmas cards and singed ones for the people at church to hand out tomorrow. My next to the oldest nephew had spent the night last night. He wanted some rice crispy treats, so my mom and I (he helped some) made some.

DSCN2591 copy
These are the rice crispy treats that we made. My nephew wanted them to be red and green and put red food coloring in with the marshmallows (so we had pink marshmallows). I then added red and green food coloring to the cereal. After mixing it with the melted marshmallows, I decided to make it look a little festive and I added blue and yellow food coloring.

[I was hoping to have this posted on December 31st, but I was having computer problems.]


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