Posted by: erh77 | December 23, 2012

Forty-eighth Week (November 25th–December 1st)

November 25th

Church today!
Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.

DSCN2226 copy
The flower I knitted to go on the thing I’m making my oldest sister for Christmas.

November 26th

Mom  and I put up some decorations for Christmas. We also put up the Christmas tree. We decided to put some sidewalk lights up near the fence around the garden. We did this after the sun had set, so it was dark outside. While I was putting one in the ground, I saw some snow on the fence. It wasn’t a whole lot of snow, nothing to trace anyway. Since it was on the white fence I knew it wouldn’t be photographable. I connected some lighted candy canes we have out front to an extension cord and turned them on (along with the rest of the lights out front).

DSCN2231 copy
While my mom and I were outside, we saw this-a flower trying to grow.

DSCN2233 copy
This is what the house looks like with the lights on.

November 27th

I decorated the tree today and put up some more decorations. I also went with my mom, brother, and sister to Walmart to get my dad’s medicine and some other things we needed.

DSCN2252 copy
The Christmas tree all decorated.
[I took this picture today, so the ornaments I forgot (see below) aren’t on there. I have also moved some around since I took this picture.]

November 28th

Oops, I forgot a few ornaments for the tree yesterday, so I put them on today. I made some bows out of ribbon to put on the fence around the garden (the side that faces the street). [worked on a blog and published it, I’m so far behind on this. I’m still taking pictures everyday.]

DSCN2258 copy
This jar was almost full about a week ago. Someone (um, me) has eaten most of them.

November 29th

Not sure all that I did today. My sister and brother-in-law dropped the boys off so that we (my mom and I) could watch the boys while they went Christmas shopping. The boys ate supper with us, then my brother took them back to their house.

DSCN2260 copy
Nice sunset today.

November 30th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. My brother got the boys from school and brought them here. My brother and I got the air conditioner out of the window in the hallway upstairs. [yeah, I know it’s kinda late to be taking it out.]

DSCN2266 copy
The sun is shinning today and it is nice out.

December 1st

I hung up some laundry outside this morning. That felt a little weird since it’s December 1st and it’s usually too cold to hang out clothes (it was in the 50s today). My brother was going to take my mom and me to the store, but he ended up helping a friend move. So, we ended up taking public transportation to a grocery store (we had to walk a few blocks to catch the bus). We first went to the hospital (since it’s nearby) to get some change (to pay the bus fare). We didn’t get a whole lot since we were walking and taking the bus.

DSCN2274 copy
I saw this in the hospital’s gift shop. It’s so pretty (and expensive).


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