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Forty-seventh Week (November 18th–24th)

November 18th

Church today.

Title of the message was, “Living With Gratitude” and the text was Luke 17:11-19. Observation #1: An Attitude of Gratitude Puts Us in the Minority (Luke 17:15-18). Observation #2: An Attitude of Gratitude Is an Expression (not just an emotion) (Luke 17:15-16). Observation #3: An Attitude of Gratitude Opens the Door For Blessings (Luke 17:17-19). Here are three steps we can take to help us live with gratitude today and everyday; 1)Make a List (of the things your thankful for and the people you need to say thanks to), 2)Make an Effort, and 3)Make Some Noise (Psalm 100).

DSCN2161 copy
These are two dolls that I made a few years ago. They sit on a shelf in the hallway outside my room. Their little blankets are attached to them.

November 19th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. My brother got my nephews from school and brought them here. They played outside while I raked some leaves and cleaned up the backyard some. I read some in my moms swing and then brought in the clothes. I also raked some leaves away from the fence around the garden in the front yard.

DSCN2167 copy
My Mexican Barbie that my oldest sister bought me one year for Christmas. She sits on a shelf with some other things so she doesn’t get messed up. I have never opened the box.

November 20th

I raked some leaves in the front yard because the lawn mowing guys were in the backyard (they were mowing over the leaves to mulch them). I deconstructed ‘Fred’ (ripped all the bags and dumped the leaves into a pile). I got the boys from school. Shortly after I got back with the boys, I helped my mom put some plastic candy canes on the fence around the garden (we only have five candy canes, so we put it on the side of the fence by the sidewalk the goes up to the house). I picked up my sister from work, took her to run an errand, then took her and the boys home.

DSCN2170 copy
I was bored while waiting for my nephews to get out of school. I looked through the side view mirror and decided to take a picture of what I saw in it (one of the playgrounds at the school).

November 21st

The boys are out of school for Thanksgiving break, so they are here for most of the day. I did a load of laundry and hung it up outside. My sister got off early and decided to buy lunch for everyone. I took my sister, the boys, and my brother to my sister’s house (my brother was helping her clean). I came back home took my mom to run an errand, then to Walmart. While at Walmart we ran into a neighbor that also works at the hospital (not in the same department as my mom). She asked us for a ride back home (she had a friend with her). We crammed her stuff, our stuff, and the four of us into the car and took her home. We then went and got my brother from my sister’s. I  also worked on something for my oldest sister for Christmas.

DSCN2180 copy
This was the sunset I saw as we were heading into Walmart. The picture is a little blurry since I was trying to hurry into the store (I didn’t want to stand in the parking lot, it was too busy).

November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have so much to be thankful for [I’m not going to list them here].
I helped my mom put the turkey on (since she can’t do much because of her shoulder). I did a load of laundry and hung it up outside. I made a pumpkin cheesecake (that’s what my mom wanted). We (my parents, brother, and I) ate our Thanksgiving meal around 1:30 p.m.. I got the clothes off the line just before it started raining. I watched Walton’s Homecoming on t.v. with my mom.

DSCN2186 copy
The pumpkin cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving. It was yummy.

November 23rd

Mom wanted some things that were on sale on Menards, so we went there (we went around 10 am). Later we went to some other stores. I made some cookies from a Halloween cake mix we had.

DSCN2193 copy
The cookies I made using a cake mix. We also had the icing to go with the Halloween mix.

November 24th

I finished what I was working on for my oldest sister.  I hemmed some pants for a guy at church and also fixed some capris for his wife. My youngest nephew came over for a little bit while his parents went to a movie.

DSCN2206 copy
My youngest nephew checking to see if a letter I picked is in the Wheel of Fortune puzzle.


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