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Forty-sixth Week (November 11th–17th)

November 11th

Happy Veterans Day! If you are reading this and have ever served in the military in some capacity, Thank you for your service.

Church today.
We had a student from a Nazarene College come and speak today. His three main points were; 1) Make the most of every opportunity (Colossians 4:5-6), 2) Live Obediently (Luke 3:21-22, 2:51), and 3) Love God for who He is (John 21:15-17).

After church we went bowling to celebrate my middle nephew’s birthday. That’s what he wanted to do. He wanted everyone to be there, but my oldest sister was sick, so her and my youngest nephew didn’t come. My oldest nephew lives in another state far away and wasn’t there. So, it was my sister, her husband, their boys (my middle nephew is their middle boy), my mother, my father, my brother, his wife, and me.

DSCN2080 copy
I think the bowling alley needs some new shoes. These are the ones that they gave me.

November 12th

I got my sister from work so that she could get me a present for my birthday. We went to the store she wanted to go to. The boys were misbehaving, so I told her to just get what she had in mind and she got me a picture frame that has six openings in it.

DSCN2100 copy
My middle nephew with Perry/Agent P that I made him for his birthday. He had already changed into his Agent P pajamas after school, so he matched his gift.

My mom was suppose to have a doctor’s appointment with the surgeon’s assistant about her shoulder, but he had a family emergency and rescheduled it for Friday.

November 13th

The boys weren’t here after school because my brother-in-law was off. I went to the store with my mom, brother, and next to the oldest nephew.

DSCN2105 copy
My poor toe. I had a blister, it popped and then another one developed and popped in the same spot.

November 14th

Happy 12th Birthday to my middle nephew!

My dad and I went to the library. We both wanted to pick up some items (me-some DVDs, him-some books). Later I did an errand for my oldest sister. My brother-in-law was off again today, so the boys weren’t here after school.

DSCN2111 copy
My Breast Cancer pen my mom got me for Christmas last year.

November 15th

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 35 today.

My mom was off today (she’s back to her normal schedule since she’s back in her department). We went to a resale shop to check it out (we had never been there before). It’s a reduce, reuse, recycle shop where people donate items for other to reuse somehow. We bought some old craft books there. I raked the leaves out of the driveway after we got home. My parents and I went to Steak-n-Shake for supper.

DSCN2128 copy
Some of the leaves that I raked out of the driveway. I was using the wagon to move them to the other side of the yard.

November 16th

My mom had her doctor’s appointment today. The surgeon’s assistant told her that she did have a tear in her shoulder and that she would need surgery. She wasn’t too happy with the occupational medicine doctor (look under November 7th to see what that doctor had told her). So, right now she can’t work until they find something for her to do that is light work. I organized some files on my computer. I also made a birthday card for my middle nephew.

DSCN2140 copy
A snow globe that my sister got me one year (either for my birthday or Christmas- I can’t remember which). It says, “Sisters are miracles sent from above to provide us with friendship laughter and love.”

November 17th

My brother came and got my mom and me so that we could go shopping. My next to the oldest nephew came with him (he was hanging out with my brother and wanted to come along). I found some black socks for my middle and next to the youngest nephews at Walmart (their feet are growing and they needed some new ones). After we came home, I made my middle nephew a pillow and blanket. He had picked out the material awhile ago (my sister bought it). I figured his birthday would be a good time to make them and give them to him.

DSCN2151 copy
One side of the pillow that I made my middle nephew.

DSCN2152 copy
The other side of the pillow that I made my middle nephew.
The material he had picked out had the Georgia state flag along with the USA flag on it. I made the blanket so that the Georgia state flag was along the bottom.


[I’m trying to get caught up with these blogs by the end of the year. Hopefully I can and still do all I want to for Christmas (making gifts for everyone).]


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