Posted by: erh77 | November 22, 2012

Forty-third Week (Oct 21st–27th)

October 21st

Church today.
Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.

After church we (my parents, brother, and I) went to Tastee Freeze for lunch.

DSCN1843 copy
My Turtle Sundae from Tastee Freeze. It was yummy.

October 22nd

I got disconnected from the internet and reset our wireless router. It quit working after awhile and I tried to use an extra one that my brother had, at first I didn’t realize that it was a modem and wireless router in one. It never really worked, so I hooked up the old wireless router. I was able to get connected to the internet using a wire directly to my laptop from the modem. I took my sister and her boys (my three middle nephews) home and then mom and I went to the store.

DSCN1850 copy
Pretty colors on the trees near the store my mom and I went to.

October 23rd

I had more internet problems again today, but thankfully my brother fixed it [still on occasion we have to hit the reset button on the wireless router-Nov. 22nd. The wireless router is about five years old.]. I read outside some. I also started reading Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor Porter via my ereader.

DSCN1853 copy
Somehow I lost the battery cover to my remote control. Instead of getting a new remote control (it still worked so there was no real reason to get a new one) I put a piece of tape over the battery area. I put a small piece of paper over the battery so that the tape wouldn’t stick to the battery.

October 24th

My brother-in-law helped one of his friends mow some lawns (my brother-in-law was off today), so I ended up getting the boys from school and watching them until my sister got off work. I did some laundry, sat outside and read, and raked some leaves.

DSCN1881 copy
The lights on our ceiling fan in the dinning room. The people we rent from gave us this one a few months ago when our old one quit working.

October 25th

The boys got out of school early today. My dad and brother got them since they had to run some errands. My sister had another weird shift at work (off at noon then back at 5). My brother and Dad picked her up and then got some lunch for all of us (the boys, themselves, and me). While they were gone I raked leaves out of the driveway. After we ate lunch, I raked some leaves in the backyard while the boys played.

DSCN1894 copy
My next to the oldest nephew playing in the pile of leaves. Just moments before I took this picture he fell into the leaves sideways and was laying there laughing.

October 26th

My brother was off and he spent the day with the boys and me (the boys didn’t have school). We decided to go to the hospital (where my mom works) and have lunch with her. My brother and I took the boys to an indoor playground for them to play since it was wet and yucky outside. Then we went and got lunch for my brother-in-law and then got my sister from work (she got off early). My sister and brother went to run an errand while I stayed at my house with the boys. When they got back, we all played Wii Bowling (my nephews had brought over their Wii).

DSCN1913 copy
Nice sunset through the trees and clouds.

October 27th

I ran some errands with mom today. We ended up doing some errands for my sister. I hemmed some pants for an older guy from church. I had forgotten to get a card for our Pastor (we honoring him tomorrow for Pastor Appreciation month), so I looked on the internet for ideas for a card [I finally ended up making it and printing it off right before we left for church in the morning (Oct. 28th)].

DSCN1917 copy
The sun trying to shine through the clouds.


[Happy Thanksgiving everyone (since I’m posting this on Thanksgiving). I hope everyone had a good day.]


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