Posted by: erh77 | November 18, 2012

Forty-second week (October 14th–20th)

October 14th

Church today.
The title of today’s message was, “What If I Change My Financial Priorities” and the text was Philippians 4:10-19. Here are four priorities to help us live in financial peace; 1) Live Above The World’s Pressure (Philippians 4:10-12), 2) Live Attached to Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:13), 3) Live Aware of Other’s Needs (Philippians 4:14-17), and 4) Live Approved in God’s Heart (Philippians 4:18-19).

It looked alright outside so I decided to walk around the park after lunch. As I was walking near the boat house, it sprinkled some. I decided to take some pictures as I was crossing a bridge. It started raining harder as I got to the other side of the bridge. I decided to go wait under the overhang of the boat house (the boat house was locked). When it looked like it was letting up some, I went to a pavilion to wait some there. I walked to another pavilion and waited some there and then walked home. I only got a little wet.

DSCN1749 copy
The tree near where I stood under the overhang of the boat house. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is, but it’s leaves turn a nice red color.

October 15th

I did a load of laundry and hung it up outside. I raked the backyard up some. It seems like all the leaves from the nearby trees land in our yard and stay (we have a fenced in backyard so once the leaves are there, they stay). I made a pile big enough for the boys to play in after school, only my next to the youngest nephew played in it. After the boys went home, I got out the clothes so I could make our Halloween Scarecrow. My mom helped me stuff leaves into some plastic Walmart bags to stuff into the clothes for the scarecrow.

DSCN1777 copy
My next to the youngest nephew about to jump into the pile of leaves I raked up.

DSCN1796 copy
While looking out front for something I noticed this rose. This was a bush my sister had given to my mother and I think this was the first time it had bloomed since we replanted it.

October 16th

I did another load of laundry (probably hung it up outside). I decorated the windows for Halloween-put window clings on them. I also put caution tape around the fence and our Scarecrow. I got out a couple of puzzles that I have and got one put together (it was 100 pieces) and started the other one (500 pieces). I picked up my sister from work so that I could run an errand for my oldest sister.

DSCN1807 copy
Nice yellow tree at a house in my neighborhood.

October 17th

I wasn’t feeling that good all day long. My sister stayed home from work with a migraine, so I had the boys from the time they got out of school until after my brother-in-law got off work (about two more hours than normal). I went and got my brother-in-law from work and as we were headed to Walgreens (to pick up medicine for my sister) I switched places with my brother-in-law so that I could relax in the back (since I was still not feeling that well). After I ate some supper I started feeling a little better.

DSCN1813 copy
Tree [the one with the orangish leaves] that is in our side yard (this was taken while I was swinging in my mom’s swing-I had to turn around to take it since my mom’s swing faces the backyard).

October 18th

I went and did an errand for my oldest sister. I came back home and did some laundry (and hung it up outside). My brother came over and he went and got my sister from work and dropped her and the younger two boys at home. My mom and I went to my brother-in-law’s work to meet my brother and nephew (my brother was going to take us to the store, so we were leaving my brother-in-law his vehicle). As we were walking around the back of my brother-in-law’s work, my mom tripped over the sidewalk and ended up falling and scrapping her face (near her right eye). She also scratched her knee and knuckles. We went to the store and mom put some wet paper towels on her scratches. [She is fine now, they healed up pretty nice.]

DSCN1816 copy
Pretty tress I saw on my way home after running the errand for my sister. I stopped the vehicle so I could take this picture.

October 19th

My mom went to work and they saw her scratches on her face and hand and told her to go home and rest. I didn’t do a whole lot today. I did read some in my mom’s swing.

DSCN1819 copy
One of the silly squirrels that play around our yard. I think he was eating a nut while he was sitting there.

October 20th

There was a Making the Strides Breast Cancer walk at the park near my house. My sister’s work had a group sign up and my oldest sister, her husbands’ cousin, and I were able to join them. My oldest sister had to bring my youngest nephew and we pushed him in his stroller. It was a two lap walk around the park. My brother-in-law dropped my sister and I off there and my oldest sister took me back home (my sister and nephew walked back to my house). My brother gave me a micro sd card (an old one he wasn’t using) for my ereader. I was able to load some apps on it (kindle, Youversion, and some others). I was up late because one of my neighbors thought it would be fun to play thumping load music well into the night.

DSCN1824 copy
The right side of the start/finish line at the Making the Strides walk had the Breast Cancer ribbon on it.


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