Posted by: erh77 | November 3, 2012

Fortieth Week (September 30th – October 6th)

September 30th

Church today.
Today I help out in Children’s Church.

DSCN1381 copy
My vanilla candle in one of my favorite candle holders. I don’t burn candles very often. I think I did today because there was a weird smell in my room (probably coming through the window).

October 1st

I’m not sure what all I did today. I read some outside after the boys went home. Probably did some laundry (not sure, but almost everyday I do laundry).

DSCN1391 copy
On of the trees near my house. I thought it was odd that the bottom leaves were turning colors first.

October 2nd

I picked my sister up from work since my mom had to go to the store. My sister also needed to go to the store, so we all went. My sister also had to stop at another place. By the time I dropped her and the boys off it was close to when my brother-in-law got off of work. We (my mom and I) decided to waste some time by going into Big Lots to look around (it’s near where my sister lives).

DSCN1392 copy
I got these stickers today at Walmart. I’m either going to use them in a birthday card i’m making or just give them to the recipient to use however.

October 3rd

I’m not sure of what all I did today. My brother-in-law was off and he was nice enough to take me to do an errand.

DSCN1401 copy
The clouds were looking cool as my brother-in-law took me to run an errand.

October 4th

I sat outside some and read after the boys left. Mom and I went with my Dad to pick up my brother-in-law from work so that we could stop and get something for super.

DSCN1418 copy
The sun is trying to peak out through these clouds that I saw on the way to my brother-in-law’s work.

October 5th

I’m not sure what all I did today. I know I picked up my sister from work.

DSCN1427 copy
Very overcast clouds. These clouds seem to go on and on.

October 6th

The second meet for Teen Bible Quizzing was today. It was at a church father away than last month (around an hour and a half this time-last month was about an hour), so I had to get up earlier. I didn’t get much sleep and thankfully my brother drove (well he usually drives anyway since we take his car).

DSCN1433 copy
I got to see the sun rise today. I took this looking through the back window of my brother’s car.

[I didn’t mean for this post to have almost all sky pictures.]

[I had this mostly done, then I went to save it and my computer wouldn’t save (I don’t know why). I had saved this before and was able to open that. Now I have retype almost everything and post it later than I wanted to.]


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