Posted by: erh77 | October 28, 2012

Thirty-ninth Week (September 23rd–29th)

September 23rd

Church Today.
Today’s message was titled; “What If I Stop Worrying?”. The text was Matthew 6:25-34. First, The Problems of Worry-1.) Physical, 2) Spiritual, and 3) Relational (relationships). “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.”-Corrie Ten boom. Second, The Benefits of Not Worrying- 1) We’ll learn to focus on What’s Important (Matthew 6:25) and 2) We’ll Recognize God’s Provisions (Matthew 6:26-30). The Steps to Not Worrying- 1) Check Our Priorities (Matthew 6:33), 2) Check Our Prayer Life (Philippians 4:6, 1 Peter 5:7), and 3) Check our Practices (Philippians 4:9).

DSCN1257 copy
Apparently the only pictures I took on this day were of myself right before leaving for church.

September 24th

I had to go and get my brother-in-law (my oldest sister’s husband) and take him to get their van. My sister had driven it to work and he needed it. Did some laundry and hung it up outside.

DSCN1266 copy
I found this leaf outside and the color made it look like it had been spray painted. I doubt this picture does the color justice.

September 25th

My brother-in-law was off, but went to help someone mow. It was close to the time he needed to go pick up his boys, so he came and got me so I could pick them up and watch them until he was either done or my sister got off work. Since I had the vehicle and mom needed to go to the store (my sister also needed to), we all went to the store after I got my sister from work. My brother-in-law then met us at his place while I was dropping my sister and the boys off.

DSCN1288 copy
This is what the sky looked like when I picked up my sister from her work.

DSCN1290 copy2 
The Wienermobile was in town today and happen to be in the parking lot of the store we went to (I blackened out the license plates of the cars that were around it for privacy issues).

September 26th

For some silly reason my middle three nephews didn’t have school today, so they were at my house for most of the day. I let them play with play dough for a awhile so that I could clean up the craft room some. After supper I got out some fall flowers that we have and decorated a wreath we have on the wall. I also put some in a vase for the dinning room table.

DSCN1301 copy
The flowers I put in a vase for the dinning room table.

September 27th

I read some outside before my nephews got here after school. My mom and I went with my dad to get my brother-in-law from work so we could 1) get something for supper and 2) pick up my sister and go to Walmart (my brother-in-law was staying at their place with the boys). We had to stop at Walgreens after the store so my sister could pick up some medication for one of my nephews.

DSCN1314 copy
Nice sunset we saw when we got to Walmart. I kept seeing it while I was driving and waited until I parked to take this picture.

September 28th

I searched online how to make cards and found some really cool looking pop-up ones. Today I found some scrap heavy weight paper and made a couple. I wanted to practice before I made any to give to people. For some reasons [I forgot why] my Mom and I were the ones that went and got my brother-in-law from work.

DSCN1331 copy
The pretty sunset. I saw it on the way to get my brother-in-law and waited until I got to his work to take a picture.

September 29th

Lazy Saturday [I think, since I can’t remember all that I did today].

DSCN1347 copy
This is a light that is in my room. It’s actually the main light source. It doesn’t look very bright, but this is how the picture turned out when I zoomed in on the bulb.


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