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Thirty-third Week (August 12th–18th)

August 12th

Church today.
We watched a video by Louie Giglio. In the video he talked about having confidence in Christ. He said that we don’t have to have the best answer to the questions people might ask us. We can just say “God is doing something powerful inside of me” and tell them what God is doing in you. 2 Timothy 1:12

My youngest nephew and I tried to go for a walk to the park, but it started sprinkling on us. So, we just went for a short walk.

125_9550 copy
My youngest nephew spent most of the afternoon playing games on my laptop.

August 13th

My brother-in-law came and got my youngest nephew after he did some errands while my sister relaxed at home (she got back from her Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, but waited until today to get my nephew so she could relax).

My brother had stayed with my older sister, so he could spend some time with the boys. He had a job interview today and I had to take him (in my brother-in-law’s vehicle) so that I could watch the boys and take my dad to his doctor’s appointment. There was a chance of rain and it did rain a little. I think I spent most of my time driving (going from one place to another).

125_9553 copy
My middle nephew playing his DS while we took my brother to his interview.

August 14th

My nephews talked me into letting them watch a Veggie Tale sing along countdown DVD. They like to sing along. Well not just sing, but act out the songs as well. I don’t know how many times we had to watch certain songs or even pause them so they could get stuff together to act the song out.  After awhile of that we went out front and did some races. We also walked around the block. I changed ‘quiet’ time a little and let them watch a DVD in the playroom-they had to lay down on blankets while they watched. After a couple of hours I let them watch the sing along again. I called them “Cousins in the Living Room” because they liked singing the songs that “Boys in the Sink” from the Veggie Tales sing along the best.

125_9566 copy
“Cousins in the Living Room” bowing after they ‘sang’ their songs.

125_9574 copy
A flower in a neighbor’s yard that I saw as we walked around the block.

I finished reading The Gift Giver; A True Story by Jennifer Hawkins and started reading The Sunroom by Beverly Lewis.

August 15th

I played kickball with the boys for a little bit until one of them was being rude to the other one. I read some chapters from the Imagination Station book (I think it was book #6- Problems in Plymouth). I then took them to the park to play for a little bit.

I let the boys play some games on my computer and while they did that I took apart my old camera and sprayed some air in it. There was a small plastic piece that had broke off on the bottom of the shell and I super glued it on. After awhile I put it back together and it turned on and was working.

125_9620 copy 
My youngest four nephews sitting on the stairs at the park.

I finally finished reading Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter on my ereader. It’s so different from the Disney movie.

August 16th

There was a chance of rain today. I let the boys play outside for a little bit before the rain. I finished reading Problems in Plymouth today and gave them a quiz on it. In the back of the Imagination Station books there are puzzles about the book. I had been copying them to the computer and printing it out, but our printer has been acting up and won’t do anything (the light comes on indicating it’s on, but it doesn’t scan or print anything). We spent the rest of the day inside. I had to go pick my older sister up from work (using her husband’s vehicle). I took all the boys with me (well three of them are hers) and met my oldest sister at Wal-Mart so that she can pick up her son (my youngest nephew).

127_9907 copy
It’s raining! We have been having a drought and the rain is welcoming.

I finished reading The Sunroom by Beverly Lewis today. I guess I’ll have to put a hold on some more books at the library.

August 17th

My Mom’s on vacation for the next week. She wanted to do something fun with my youngest nephew (my other nephews were at their home with their dad-it was his day off). She decided we would go to the mall and let my youngest nephew ride on the carousel they have. We were going to stop at the hospital so she could get some money from the ATM (we only had a few dollars, in cash, between the two of us and needed more to get to the mall and back). As we were headed toward the bus stop we saw the bus and got on it (instead of waiting for another one). We switched buses at the bus depot since the first one doesn’t go to the mall. At the mall we found an ATM, but since it wasn’t the same bank as my mom’s it was going to charge her $3.50 to use it. That’s crazy! I had enough change to let my nephew ride the carousel, so we did that. We decided to walk to a store nearby thinking we would be able to get cash back. After awhile at that store, looking around a getting a few things we wanted, we paid for our stuff and found out that we couldn’t get cash back. We then walked to Wal-Mart, which wasn’t that far from where we were. We got a couple of things at WAl-Mart and got cash back. We were able to catch a bus there and then take it to another spot to catch a different bus that would take us home. While we were headed home my next to the oldest nephew called and wanted us to go to a park with him, his brothers, and his dad. Shortly after we got home, they came and picked us (my nephew and I, my mom didn’t want to go) up and we went to a park.

131_9940 copy
The clouds over the corn fields by Wal-Mart.

[Some time over the past two days my camera quit working again. UGH! I have been using a really old one that is held together with a rubberband. The quality of the pictures it takes isn’t very good. Good enough for the web, but not so much for printing out.]

August 18th

Happy 39th Anniversary to my parents!!

We (my parents and I) borrowed my brother-in-law’s vehicle to go out for breakfast. My parents paid for some breakfast for him, my sister, and their boys. My dad wanted to go to a certain place, but when we went there it looked busy (there were lots of cars there and not very many places to park). My dad decided to go somewhere else. While we were waiting for our order an old friend (we had gone to church together years ago) of ours came in and we invited him to eat with us. We had a nice breakfast getting caught up with each other. We took the vehicle back to my brother-in-law so that he could do some things he needed to do. We relaxed most of the afternoon. I worked on an anniversary present for my parents.
My brother-in-law let us use his vehicle again to go out for supper. After supper we went to Best Buy and my parents bought me a new camera, kinda an early birthday present since mine wasn’t working. Then we went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries and a new printer (since I saw one on for under $30). Thankfully we were able to find the same printer for the same price. We then took the vehicle back to my brother-in-law.
We are so blessed that he lets us use his vehicle when we need to.

135_9969 copy
A bunny I saw in the yard while I was relaxing in my mom’s swing.


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