Posted by: erh77 | August 25, 2012

Thirty-first Week (July 29th–August 4th)

July 29th

Church today.
It was my turn to help out in Children’s Church today.

100_3363 copy
Another hairstyle I tried, but didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it to. If my hair was thicker it might have [I have really thin hair].

While I was watching something online it stopped and was buffering. I couldn’t figure out why and then all the sudden my computer blinked to a blue screen then restarted itself. When it came back on, it wouldn’t connect to the internet or my wifi. I tried some things I knew how to do and got it to connect to the wifi, but no the internet. After awhile I gave up and went to sleep.

July 30th

Still no internet connection today. After doing some errands and taking the boys to the park, I called the company we have the internet through. The guy was very helpful and we ended up calling the company who made the modem I have and we were able to get reconnected to the internet.

100_3411 copy
My youngest four nephews at the park we went to.

July 31st

Played some with my youngest nephew. We played outside in the pool and on the computer.

100_3428 copy
My youngest nephew dipping his head into the tube to get it wet. He had put water in the tube just so he could do this.

100_3435 copy
The water gun at the bottom of the pool. I thought it was neat that it was there because it usually floats.

August 1st

Had the boys outside doing some relays, then we went inside for a little bit and I read them an Imagination Station book (I forgot which one). After that we went outside and they played in the pool.

100_3448 copy
My youngest four nephews playing in the pool.

August 2nd

The boys did relays again today, they liked being in teams of two. My next to the oldest nephew wanted to do his own thing after we were done outside, so he went and spent sometime in the extra bedroom we have. I read some of the Imagination Station book [I should have written down which one, I think it was book #5- Showdown with the Shepherd]. After I was done reading some chapters the younger boys went out and played in the pool. After awhile my next to the oldest nephew joined them in the pool.

100_3472 copy
The sunset, it was an orangish color (I don’t usually see it this color-this picture doesn’t do the color it was justice).

August 3rd

My youngest nephew just wanted to play video (DS) and computer games. I asked him if he wanted to go to the park, at first he said yes then when we were walking there he decided he wanted to go find my mom (his nana) at her work [she works at the hospital near our home]. We went to the floor that she usually is on,but we didn’t see her. I thought that maybe she was at lunch, so we went down to the cafeteria to look for her. On our way there, we met her and went back to her department’s break/lunch room and ate lunch with her. After we were done, we walked around the hospital some. We came back to the house and played in the pool. When it was time for my mom to get off work, we went and met her and walked home with her.

I missed a call from the person who had given me her camera. She ended up coming to my house (well her grandpa brought her-she isn’t old enough to drive). Turned out her grandma didn’t like that she had given me her camera. I guess her grandma had given it to her as a Christmas present and didn’t want her to give it away.

100_3477 copy
Rose bush near the hospital (& my mom’s work).

100_3502 copy
Near the hospital is a big rock that has water coming out of it (like a fountain). My youngest nephew likes to put smaller rocks on it (in the water that collects on the top). I’m not sure why he is making this face,but it’s cute.

August 4th

Thankfully I still have an old camera that kinda works because my camera I was using (before my friend loaned me here’s) still isn’t turning on.

I’m not sure of all I did today. Probably some laundry and some cleaning.

125_9478 copy
My dad’s 35mm camera. He hasn’t used it in awhile, the battery went dead and he hasn’t looked for a new one. It takes a special kind of battery.


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