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Thirtieth Week (July 22nd–28th)

I forgot to add in my previous post that I finished reading October Song by Beverly Lewis on July 20th and started reading The Gift Giver: A True Story by Jennifer Hawkins.


July 22nd

Church today.
We watched a video of a message by Francis Chan. He talked about why we don’t share with Christ with our friends and co-workers. He said most of us don’t because we are scared. We don’t need to worry about what to say (Luke 12:11-12).

100_3222 copy
The sash of my dress I wore to church today.
I made this dress for Easter last year.

July 23rd

Had to go to the bank for my oldest sister and took a couple of my nephews with me. I thought the bank opened at 8:30 am, so I left the house shortly after that. I got to the bank and it wasn’t open. I was confused and then saw on the door it now doesn’t open until 9, so we sat in the vehicle until it opened.

100_3231 copy
A house near the bank. I liked the flowers so I stopped and take a picture.

July 24th

My oldest nephew was over today. His other grandma was picking him at my house to go out to lunch with her (He came back here after his lunch).
I created a “I did it myself” chart for my youngest nephew since he usually wanted to someone to help him change his clothes, or wipe his bottom after he goes to the bathroom. He finished his chart (actually about a week ago, but I had to wait until the others weren’t here) and I decided to take him (we walked) to a frozen yogurt place. The frozen yogurt place is a self-serve with about 12 different types of frozen yogurt and lots of toppings. My youngest nephew chose peanut butter and about three different cereals. I had cake batter with some almonds, cheesecake bits, and butterfingers. He ended up eating most of mine because he didn’t really like the taste of his. [Lesson learned=always ask for a taste of the yogurt before you get any.]

100_3254 copy
A flower in someone’s yard that I saw on the way back from the frozen yogurt place.

July 25th

I don’t remember all that I did today. The boys played outside some. I’m sure I read an Imagination Station book to the boys. They read a book or two on their own. My youngest nephew spent the night. My Mom soaked her foot in some Epson salt and water. My youngest nephew thought that he had to soak his foot as well, only he did both feet and then his hands. There was water on the floor and I got a towel to put under my nephew. It was too late, his shorts and underwear were already wet. So, he kind of have a bath.

100_3272 copy
The pond near my brother-in-law’s work.

July 26th

Took my youngest nephew to the library for Pre-school Story Time. My next to the oldest nephew went to the library with us. Came home and read some to all the boys (well the four nephews that were here). Took my mom to the store (using my brother-in-law’s vehicle), my youngest nephew went with us. Picked up my sister from work and took her and her boys home, but first we had to stop to get them some supper.

100_3290 copy
My youngest and oldest nephews inside the library.

July 27th

I finished reading the Imagination Station (Revenge of the Red Knight) book I was reading to the boys. They did an activity sheet that went along with the book. Afterward I decided to make up my own Olympic games for them to compete in. I had them change into swim shorts because I was having them use water balloons for some of it. When the “games” were done I turned on the hose and sprayed them using the sprayer that attached to the end of the hose. Later on in the day, my next to the oldest and youngest nephews helped me make some cookies. my youngest nephew put the sprinkles on them.

My oldest nephew is leaving for Texas today. Sad smile He is going down there to stay with his girlfriend and her family [he ended up living with her uncle-aug.18.] until he can go into the Marines [he was on medicine that they wanted him to be off of for a year and that won’t be until January]. My brother and sister-in-law are driving him down there. They came by here so that he could tell everyone good-bye before he left.

100_3334 copy
My four youngest nephews trying to get a drink of water from the hose at the same time.

 100_3351 copy
Some of the cookies that my next to the oldest and youngest nephew helped me make.

July 28th

Not sure what all I did today. I watched some of the Olympics on tv. I read some of my book (The Gift Giver: A True Story by Jennifer Hawkins).

100_3357 copy
My new watch that I bought a few days ago.


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