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Twenty-ninth Week (July 15th – 21st)

July 15th

Church today.
Title of today’s message was “Be The Church” and the text was Colossians 2:1-5. 1.) Be the Church: Encourage hearts (Colossians 2:1-5, Ephesians 4:29), 2) Be the Church: Unite in Love (Colossians 2:1-2), 3) Be the Church: Lift up Christ (Colossians 2:2-3, Acts 4:12, John 14:6), and 4) Be the Church: Be consistent (Colossians 2:5).

100_2812 copy
Sunflower I put in my hair today. I tried a new hairstyle and it didn’t work exactly like I wanted it to.

July 16th

Didn’t do a lot today. My oldest nephew came over after he was done with summer school. He took my mom (my youngest nephew and I also went) to pay a bill and then to the store.

100_2835 copy
The clouds we saw as we were headed to the store.

July 17th

My youngest nephew spent some time playing on my laptop. We then read a book (I forgot which one). We actually read along with a cd. It was the last mark he needed to complete his summer reading chart. Once I marked it he wanted to go to the library to turn it in. At first I was looking at the bus schedule to see when we could catch a bus then I remembered that his brother (my oldest nephew) was coming to my house when he was done with his summer school class. I told my youngest nephew that we would wait until his brother got here. He didn’t seem too happy at first, he was eager to go to the library. We went to the library and my youngest nephew got to pick out a new book as his reward for finishing his chart. Shortly after we got back to my house it rained some (a light rain for only a few minutes). My youngest nephew and I grabbed a couple of umbrellas and went to the backyard and played in the rain.

100_2857 copy
My youngest nephew with his new book.

100_2866 copy
My youngest nephew playing in the rain (if you want to call it rain) with an umbrella.

July 18th

I my middle nephews for a little bit today. My youngest nephew and oldest nephew stayed inside (it was hot out) and played on my laptop (the oldest nephew) and my ereader (youngest nephew).
My oldest nephew took my Mom (well my youngest nephew and I went also) to the store for some ice cream. After we had picked what we wanted and was in the checkout line, my mom realized she didn’t have any checks in her checkbook. We had to put the ice cream back and go all the way home for her to get some checks. We all decided to go to a different store and get ice cream. Since it was getting time for my nephew’s mom to get off work, my mom decided to get some cash back and get some McDonald’s for everyone for supper.

100_2901 copy
Some clouds in the sky.

July 19th

Took my youngest four nephews to a park (my mom went with me). The local Christian radio station was sponsoring what they call “Backyard Bounce”, where they have a few inflatables for the kids to play on. As we were heading there, it started raining. The boys were hoping it wouldn’t be cancelled. By the time we got to the park, the rain was gone and the boys were able to play on the inflatables. After they were done playing on the inflatables, they played at the park for awhile. This park has a spray playground and we let the boys get wet (I had brought extra clothes for them in case they wanted to get wet). My next to the oldest nephew had hurt his foot a day or so before and didn’t play much. After letting the boys get wet for about a half an hour, we went to a nearby grocery store and got them some lunchables for lunch and went home.

100_2910 copy
The rain clouds on our way to the park.

100_2933 copy
My youngest three nephews getting ready to go down the big slide together.

July 20th

My youngest four nephews played outside some. The youngest three did some races in the backyard, the next to the oldest nephew’s foot was hurting him. They wanted to go to a park (one they hadn’t been to for awhile). It was a park that my oldest nephew also wanted to go to. We decided to wait until he was done with his summer school class to go (he had his final that day and was getting out earlier). I texted him and told him we were going and he could meet us there. Once we got to the park, I called him and he said he was hanging with some friends and would be there later. My next to the oldest nephew’s foot was feeling better and he wanted to show my mom me a trick. We went through the play structure and my mom hit her head on one of the beams. She had a small cut in her head and I went and got some water and a towel (thankfully we brought some water with us and there was a towel in my brother-in-law’s vehicle). She was alright and we let the boys play for awhile longer. Shortly after my oldest nephew got there we walked around the park and I took pictures of all of them (together and a few individually).

100_3136 Fuse (2) copy
All five of my nephews posing around one of the sculptures at the park.

100_3173 copy
Some flowers in the field at the park.

July 21

Did some cleaning of my room today. I’m sure I did more than that,but I don’t have any pictures of that.

100_3220 copy
Some of mine and my mom’s porcelain dolls and stuffed animals.


[I’m trying to get better at taking more pictures and remembering what I did each day. The past two weeks (July 29th-August 10th) I have been writing down things on my ereader.]


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