Posted by: erh77 | August 4, 2012

Twenty-eighth Week (July 8th–14th)

I’m trying to get caught up with these posts. Hopefully soon I’ll be up to date with all of them.

July 8th

Church today.
We watched some videos of what the Church of the Nazarene (our denomination) is doing in missions (reaching out to those who need help around the world and in the U.S.).

After church we headed home to change our clothes and then left for the family get together. My mom’s aunt and a couple of her cousins that live far away came for a visit and we had a family get together.

100_2645 (2) copy
My brother doing one of the printable puzzles that I printed out and brought with me.

July 9th

Woke up not feeling all that great, my throat is scratchy.

I let the boys play outside for a little bit today. I even let them play out front. We have a fenced in backyard, but not the front or one of the side yards. Our street isn’t that busy, but when cars do drive down it they do not look out for kids and some drive faster than they should. So, I don’t usually let them play out front and when I do an adult has to be out there with them. We came inside and I read some of the book we have been reading (One of the Imagination Station books, I think Peril in the Palace). They all ended up taking a nap and while they were asleep I enjoyed a cup of hot tea for my throat.

100_2657 copy
My next to the youngest nephew’s chalk drawing. He said it was a dead man. I don’t know where he gets it from, he’s only 10.

100_2654 copy
My daisy that I planted (I forgot exactly when). It’s doing alright in this heat. I have been taking the water that drips from one of our air conditioners (I put a cup/bucket under the unit to catch the drips) and use it to water the daisy.

July 10th

While the boys and I were playing outside by brother stopped by. He had some time between some errands and thought he would come by and spend some time with the boys. The boys were able to talk him into playing kickball with us.

100_2704 copy
My first digital camera I bought (in 2003). There is tape holding the battery door close. Somehow I broke off the plastic things that keep the door closed. It still works, as longs as the tape holds the door close. The main reason I bought a new one (in 2008) was because I wanted one with zoom, this one only has digital zoom. The other reason was because I wanted one that could take better quality pictures (this one goes up to 2 mega pixels).

My youngest nephew is spending the night because his mom is having surgery (out patient) in the morning.

July 11th

Didn’t do a whole lot today. I did manage to talk my youngest nephew into playing outside in the sprinkler.

100_2718 copy
Boy with a ball as a head?
My youngest nephew throwing the ball through the water coming out of the sprinkler. I think he is off the ground in this picture because he was jumping up as he was throwing the ball.

My sister’s surgery went well.

July 12th

I just had my middle three nephews today. We played outside some. I needed to return some things to the library and pick up some things I had on hold. I decided to take the boys with me. I told them we weren’t going to stay long. I let them pick out a book and a movie each.

My sister had bought those Duncan Hines Frosting creations and hadn’t used them yet. She gave them to me and I made some cupcakes and then used a couple of the frosting creations to decorate them.

100_2773 copy
These are the cupcakes with the cotton candy frosting.

100_2774 copy
These are the cupcakes with the bubble gum frosting.

July 13th

Didn’t have any kids today. I just relaxed for most of the day. Read some of my book (October Song by Beverly Lewis).

100_2791 copy
The unique looking clouds over the construction area near the hospital.

July 14th

Not sure of all I did today, probably some cleaning.

100_2810 copy
The only picture I took today. A picture of the cupcake I had for a snack.

[Note to self: take more than one picture per day so that 1)I know what I did that day and 2)I will have a variety to choose from to use on here.]


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