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Twenty-seventh Week (July 1st – 7th)

July 1st

Church today.
Today was my turn to help out with Children’s Church. We sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the girls because today is her birthday.

100_2426 copy
The sun as seen through my window.

My youngest nephew somehow hurt his foot while playing on a bouncy yesterday and today it was hurting so much that they didn’t come to church. My sister ended up taking him to the doctor and they said it was most likely a small fracture. He got a soft cast and was told not use it as much as possible.

July 2nd

My brother-in-law was able to get my youngest nephew in to see his (my brother-in-law’s) foot doctor. That doctor had him do a lot of things on his foot and didn’t know where the doctor that saw him on Sunday saw a fracture. The foot doctor said that as long as he was walking ok on it it would be fine, but if it hurt my nephew may need a cast. [My youngest nephew is fine now, no sign of anything wrong with it.]

I had my middle three nephews today and just let them ‘hang out’ inside. [I believe it was hot out.] They watched some movies in the playroom for most of the day.

100_2431 copy
I tried my hand at drying out fruit (apples and bananas). I followed the directions on the dehydrator, but they didn’t turn out that great.

I finished reading The Redemption of Sarah Cain and started reading October Song, both by Beverly Lewis (I forgot the exact date, I think it was today).

July 3rd

I usually have my nephews make a few things patriotic the days before the Fourth of July. This year I almost forgot. So, today I figured out something for them to make. We spent sometime making it. We used some glitter and my middle nephew made a big mess with the glitter that I had him vacuum it up. At first he didn’t want to do it, but once he started, he did a good job.

100_2445 copy
I didn’t take this picture, my youngest nephew did. I put my camera down to do something and the next thing I know my youngest nephew had my camera and took this picture (and a few more). This is a picture of one of his stars he made.

100_2455 copy
After the boys went home I got bored so I decided to make my own decoration. All the boys’ are similar to this one.

July 4th

Happy Birthday USA!

Didn’t do much today. It was hot outside. There was a local parade, but I had no way to go watch it. (It will be broadcasted on a local tv station later in the week.)

My brother and sister-in-law offered to take my mom and me to fireworks in a nearby town (one we have gone to for the last few years). They do their fireworks over a lake.

100_2471 copy
One of the fireworks over the lake.

100_2537 copy
“Waterfall” firework over the lake. This is one of my favorite fireworks, it starts out one color, changes to another, then finally changes to white and then goes out. (I took a video when this first started, but the quality looked really bad. Thankfully I was able to get a couple of pictures.)

To see a video of most of my pictures and video from today, click here.

July 5th

Went to Pre-School Story time at the library with my youngest nephew. We took the city bus because I didn’t have use of a vehicle and it was too hot to walk.

100_2615 copy
My youngest nephew going down the ramp inside the library. He wanted me to do this and I told him to lift his arms up. (It’s blurry because I forgot to set my camera to the correct setting.)

Later, in the evening, my mom and I watched the broadcast of the parade from the fourth. It was alright, but it was like watching a student production (the camera angle wasn’t the greatest and there was only one camera taping the parade).

July 6th

I have been reading The Imagination Station books to the boys (a few chapters a day). Today I read some chapters from Peril in the Palace that takes place in ancient China. I decided the boys should do a Chinese craft and selected a lantern. I let them chose the color and decorate them however they wanted to.

100_2627 copy
This is one view of all their lanterns.

100_2628 copy
Here is another view of their lanterns.

July 7th

I can’t remember all that I did today. I know I went to the store with my mom and that I looked for some printable activities to take to the family get together we are having tomorrow. Some of my mother’s family that live far away are coming to visit, so we are having a get together with extended family.

100_2637 copy
The carnation bush has another bloom on it. A few days later it was gone. 


[Had most of this done, but it took longer to work on the video (July 4th video). It took awhile to look for Royalty Free music that sounded good with my photos and videos. If you are looking for some music for your videos, try this website or this one.]


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