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Twenty-sixth Week (June 24th–30th)

June 24th

Church today.
Title of the message was “Jesus is More than Enough” and the text was Colossians 1:15-23. First we need to see Jesus’ authority (Colossians 1:15-18), Second we need to see Jesus’ fullness (Colossians 1:19), Third we need to see Jesus’ reconciliation (Colossians 1:19-22), and fourth we need to see Jesus’ self-limitation (Colossians 1:23).

100_2192 copy
One of my emery boards. I think it’s cute because of the sunglasses.

June 25th

Just had the younger three nephews today. Mom and I took them to a local park to play and then we went to the store.

100_2195 (2) copy
The boys playing in the sand at the park.

June 26th

My youngest nephew wanted to go for a walk and we decided to go for a walk in the woods near my house. We ended up stopping in at the Nature Center after our walk. We bought a warbler for a quarter from the nature center. My nephew wanted to try it out, so we went to the bathroom and filled it up with water. The water in it doesn’t last long, so I had to fill it up a lot the rest of the day.
Later in the day my youngest nephew played in the slip-n-slide.

100_2234 copy
This is a ‘drainage ditch’ that runs along the woods near my house.

June 27th

I read to the boys Attack At The Arena (an Imagination Station book), well the last few chapters. I read a few chapters a day (when the youngest four are here). At the end of the book is an activity (word search or crossword). I have copied that page [because they are library books] and had the boys do them after I have finished reading the book.
After they were done with that, I filled up some water balloons and let them have a water balloon fight outside [while I filled the balloons, they changed into their swim shorts]. I was going to let them play in the slip-n-slide, but couldn’t yet because the tree guys showed up to work on the tree branch that fell onto the house [Click here for the story-see June 20th] and the faucet that the hose is attached to is right near that tree.

100_2299 copy
The water balloons for the boys. Each boy got four balloons each.

100_2307 copy
The tree right after the branch fell on the house (the ‘before’ pic) and the tree after the tree guys came (the ‘after’ pic).
{These tree guys didn’t cut the branch where it met the tree, they went on the roof and cut pieces off the branch. Then all the sudden they were holding an end and pulling it up and down for a minute then let go of it. The branch came falling down and my mom and I hollered [thankfully the boys, my mom, and I were all in the backyard away from it] and hit part of the wooden fence my brother had built. Thankfully the fence was ok, just a bit more wobbly.}

When the tree guys were done, I turned on the hose and the boys played in the slip-n-slide for awhile. After everyone had some sort of a nap, I turned on the sprinkler and let the boys play in it. We positioned the sprinkler so that at some point the water fell onto the slip-n-slide.


June 28th

I took my youngest nephew to Pre-School Story time at the library. My next to the oldest nephew went to the library with us. He looked for library materials while my youngest nephew and I were at story time. My mom stayed at the house with two of my nephews. When we got back, I fixed the boys some lunch then mom, my youngest nephew, and I went to the store. My sister-in-law met us back at the house to give us some cupcakes she made for my oldest sister’s garage sale.
Later my youngest and next to the oldest nephews helped me make some white chocolate covered pretzels. We put some sprinkles on some of them. After the older boys left, my youngest nephew and I went outside and threw some TNT Pop Its.

 100_2336 copy
This Walgreens sign is showing the time and temperature. It’s says it 102 degrees (Fahrenheit).

To see a video of my youngest nephew throwing TNT Pop-Its, Click here. Click this link instead.

June 29th

My oldest sister had a garage sale to raise money for The Susan G. Komen three day walk she is doing in August. My oldest nephew picked me up after he was done with summer school and I spent the day helping my sister. It was hot outside and the building where she was having the garage sale doesn’t have air conditioning, but at least it has a couple of fans.

100_2357 copy
My youngest nephew sitting outside the building where the garage sale was. He was trying to stay cool by not wearing a shirt.
[I edited this picture in Adobe Photoshop to make him stand out more.]

June 30th

Mom and I did some errands in the morning with the use of my brother-in-law’s vehicle.
Later in the day we went and picked up my sister and her boys, then went and picked up my brother-in-law from his work. We all went to the town my oldest sister lives for fireworks. On the way to picking up my sister and then my brother-in-law it was raining. We were hoping that the fireworks weren’t going to be rained out (we still have a few hours before they started). We ended up waiting out some more rain under a pavilion. The rain managed to stay away enough for the fireworks to still go on.

100_2364 copy
The clouds after the rain had moved through.

100_2405 copy
One of the fireworks. I used my fireworks setting on my camera to take this.


[This is late in getting posted because I’m trying to make a video of the pictures and videos I took on June 30th. Click here for the video. Click this link for the video instead. Enjoy!]

[I had already published this but my video for June 28th didn’t show up, so I’m editing it to show a link to the video.-July 28th, 3:30 p.m. Mediashare, the website I was using, isn’t showing the videos like I want. So, I’m going to make a youtube account and put the videos there. –July 28th, 5:00 p.m.]


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