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Twenty-fifth Week (June 17th–23rd)

June 17th

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

Church today.
Title of the message was, “Dads-You can make a difference” and the text was Ephesians 6:4. Here are three Biblical guidelines to successfully help our children; 1)Pray for our children (1 Chronicles 29:19)-their hearts (spiritual needs), their health (physical needs), and their home (future needs-spouse, children, job); 2)Spend quality time with our children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9); 3)Give our children some responsibility (Matthew 21:28-31).

100_1938 copy
I spent sometime outside today and watched some of the birds feeding off of this birdfeeder. The squirrels love to try to get to this bird feeder to eat the seeds.

June 18th

I let the boys play outside some to get rid of some of their energy. I then decided to take them to a local park with my mom. My middle nephew liked it because in part of the park there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln, one of his favorite historical figures.

100_1970 Fuse copy
My four youngest nephews standing in the pavilion at the park. I had them pose here before I let them see the Lincoln statue and play.

100_1974 (2) copy
My middle nephew posing with the Lincoln statue.

At this park the have a merry-go-round. All the boys love to play on it and want me to push them really fast. I had been pushing the merry-go-round then jumping on it. About the fifth time I did that, somehow I wasn’t able to lift my whole body onto it and knocked my lower leg (about 2 inches above my ankle) into the side. It hurt for awhile and thankfully it was my left leg so I was able to drive back home alright. We had an ice pack in the vehicle (we had brought drinks in a small cooler) and I put that on my leg while I drove back home. A few days later a nice bruise showed up [there is still a small knot on my leg –July 14th].
After we got home we had some lunch and most of the boys took a nap. After some of them woke up I let them play in the pool to cool down. It was a little hot outside.

June 19th

Made S’mores for the boys to eat while I read some chapters in an Imagination Station book, then I let them play in the pool for awhile. The older boys’ mom (my older sister) got off work early (around noon), so they left shortly after eating lunch.

100_2042 copy
My nephews playing in the pool.

After the other boys went home, my youngest nephew was a little restless. He was laying down on one of the couches and I told him that if he wasn’t asleep in the next 10 minutes he would have to lay with me. After five minutes I looked at him and he was asleep.

June 20th

Sometime after midnight I was watching some tv and on my laptop (winding down for the night)and I heard a noise, like a strong wind and some light thunder. I wasn’t sure what I heard and then all the sudden another noise and this time it shook my wall (the outside one) and knocked a picture off the shelf it was one. I looked out my window and didn’t really see anything, so I went down stairs and outside and saw a huge branch in the driveway. It was also leaning on our basketball hoop. It didn’t really damage anything [the basketball hoop has a couple of cracks in the backboard], thankfully we didn’t have a car in the driveway. I couldn’t really do anything about it by myself, so I wrote a note to my parents and went to sleep. Later when I woke up for the day, I found out that there had been a second branch to come off another tree (well not completely) and was on the roof of our house.
Later my oldest nephew came after his summer school was over. He couldn’t park his van in the driveway since my brother-in-law’s was in the driveway and the tree branch was still there. So, him and my next to the oldest nephew tried to move it. They needed some help, so I helped them as much as I could and we ended up pushing it over the fence (onto our neighbor’s yard) and then dragging it near the street. [My dad had called the people we rent from and it was awhile before someone came out to get the branch. They didn’t have any equipment with them to do anything about the one on the house, so they came back a few days later.]

100_2069 copy
The tree branch that fell into the driveway. It was probably the length of a mini van.

100_2096 copy2
My oldest two nephews trying to move the tree branch over the fence.

My mom stayed home from work today because her foot was hurting her so bad (she couldn’t really walk on it). She ended up seeing a doctor. He thought it might be sprained  or broken, but it wasn’t. She ended up not being able to work until she saw her regular doctor, a week later[ Her regular doctor thought it was gout and took some blood to be sure, but it wasn’t that either. We still don’t know what it was.- July 14th].

June 21st

Took my youngest and next to the oldest nephews to the library while my mom stayed at home with two of my other nephews. Then after we got back I took my mom to the store 9my youngest nephew went with us). I then was asked to do an errand for my brother-in-law (and since I had his vehicle, I did it).

100_2111 copy
My youngest nephew pushing my mom in a wheelchair at Walmart. [They have electric ones, but none were available at the time we were there.]

I picked up the books by Beverly Lewis that I had on hold and began reading The Redemption of Sarah Cain. The made for tv movie Saving Sarah Cain is based on this book.

June 22nd

Went to a local park with my youngest nephew today. Then later in the day my brother, sister, and my sister’s boys came over for a little bit. My brother tried to make a volcano using baking soda and vinegar, but ended up not having enough vinegar to make a couple of volcanoes. He also did the tornado with two bottles (he used food coloring to dye the water so the boys could see it better. My youngest nephew spent the night since his mom (my oldest sister) is working the next day.

100_2121 copy
Clouds over the hospital expansion near my house.

June 23rd

I’m not exactly sure what all I did today. I spent some time outside with my youngest nephew. Sometime in the evening, after it cooled down some, I baked some zucchini bread using some zucchini that had frozen last year.

100_2186 copy
My Zucchini bread I made. I forgot to take a picture before we ate some.


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