Posted by: erh77 | June 17, 2012

Twenty-third Week (June 3rd-9th)

I forgot on May 21st to write that I finished reading The Vow by Kim Carpenter. It is very different than the movie. I wish they would have stuck more to the book when they did the movie, but I recommend both. I also forgot on May 24th to write that I started reading The Thorn by Beverly Lewis (the first book in The Rose Trilogy).

June 3rd

Church Today. Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.

121_9867 copy
One of the streets we go down as we go to church. FYI; I was not driving. 

I was talking on facebook with a friend. She was saying something about her laptop bugging her. I told her that she sounded like me with my camera. She asked what was wrong and I told her that it wasn’t turning on all the time and that sometimes the flash didn’t work. She said she would give me hers since she didn’t use it all that much. We met at the library and she gave me her camera. It was so nice of her to do that.

June 4th

My mom’s day off. We didn’t do much because it rained most of the day.

100_0718 copy
Played Wheel of Fortune with my youngest nephew and this is where he decided to put his free spin token.

My brother came and got my mom to take her to the store. He was taking my sister, so he decided to pick my mom up and take her along (since she had to go also). My sister’s younger two stayed here while they went to the store. I decided to read Dancing With the Star (a Spongebob book) to my three youngest nephews. When I was done reading it, I let them dance around the living room.

June 5th

I finished reading The Thorn and started The Judgment (the second book in The Rose Trilogy) by Beverly Lewis.

My youngest nephew and I got out the Duplo blocks and made a tower. We went to the park and had a picnic there. We walked around a bit and he played in the fountain some, well he got his feet wet. We then decided to walk around the Labyrinth. Instead of praying while we walked it, I sang some songs about Jesus.

100_0861 copy 
A flower that was near the Labyrinth at the park near my house. 

June 6th

My youngest nephew made another block tower today. He wasn’t very motivated to do much today. Most of the day we played games on my computer. I did him to have lunch outside with me.

100_0934 copy
Eating lunch outside with my youngest nephew.

June 7th

I went to the Zoo in a town about an hour away with my brother, brother-in-law, and four of my nephews. The Zoo there has free Thursdays (starting today through October). My sister (who had to work) and my brother-in-law paid for the things that weren’t free-gas, a Train ride at the Zoo, and lunch. My sister-in-law met us there with the little girl she watches. Everyone had a good time. We ended up having a late lunch and not leaving that town until almost 3 pm. My youngest nephew and I rode back to my hose with my sister-in-law. He ended up falling asleep shortly after we left.

100_1047 copy 
The Zoo has a petting area for the goats and chickens. They have these machines where you can get food to feed the animals. These goats didn’t want to wait for someone to give them food.

For supper we tried those new P’zolos from Pizza Hut. They tasted good, but weren’t as big as I thought they would be. They were probably about eight inches.

June 8th

My youngest nephew wanted to play board games all day long. We did play outside for a little bit today. He ended up spending the night and wanted me to make some cookies. At first he wanted me to make some chocolate ones, but I didn’t have any brown sugar.

100_1353 copy
Spritz cookies I decided to make. I didn’t have much flour, so I halved the recipe. I had some frosting and frosted about half the cookies.

June 9th

One of the local hospitals sponsors a Play it Safe day at the fairgrounds. It’s where kids can go and learn all about how to be safe in various situations. I had never gone before and Mom thought since she was off and my nephew was here, that we would go. We didn’t know there would be so many booths. They even had a couple of bounce houses, but the kids had to go to at least five booths and get their card punched before they could play in the bounce houses. We went to a least 20 booths and visited the bounce houses twice. My nephew had fun. We spent most of the morning there and then got back to the house in just enough time for my sister to pick him up.

100_1411 copy
Went to leave for the store and saw this bird sitting on the fence.

[Published date says June 17th, but I forgot to write up everything until today, June 24th.]


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