Posted by: erh77 | June 6, 2012

Twenty-second week (May 27th- June 2nd)

May 27th

Church today.
Title of the message was “What is God’s Will for Me?” and the text was Ephesians 5:17. First, God’s will described; it’s personal, progressive, and perfect (Jeremiah 29:11 & Luke 12:6-7), and Second, God’s will discovered; there are three methods to discover God’s will-His word (Psalm 119:105 & 2Timothy 3:16-17), His Spirit (Romans 8:14), and His people (Proverbs 12:15).

I waited until late to make a cake for tomorrow since it’s so hot out and we don’t have central air. I had gotten a “Big Cupcake” mold at a garage sale and my oldest nephew saw it one day and wanted me to make one.

121_9768 copy
The ‘big’ cupcake I made. I had a box of cake mx and used that. It really wasn’t enough to make it as big as it should have been.

May 28th

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! This is a day to honor/reflect on those who have given their lives protecting our country (USA).

Today is also my oldest nephew’s 18th Birthday.
We had a cook-out here to celebrate the holiday and had a little celebration for my nephew. Everyone was here for it. I made cupcakes from scratch because I didn’t think that the ‘big’ cupcake would be enough.

121_9773 copy
The finished ‘big’ cupcake. My nephew wanted camouflage and I did it as best I could with only having green food coloring.

121_9795 copy
The birthday boy.

May 29th

I can’t remember all that happened on this day. My mom went back to work after having the last 8 days off.

My youngest nephew played in the pool.
Oh and he wrote his name without being prompted. I had made a little portable chalkboard and wrote his name at the top and he wrote it underneath.

121_9812 copy
My youngest nephew playing in the pool on a inflatable sled. It’s really for snow, but I figured why not and try it in the pool. He enjoyed using it.

May 30th

My next to the oldest nephew (& I think my oldest nephew) spent the night at my brother’s, so I only had my youngest three nephews.

We went outside and the three of them played for a little bit, then I decided to have them do some things. First they did a jump rope contest in which my youngest nephew didn’t want to participate, then they did a Frisbee toss, and finally a race around the backyard. I let each one of them win so they all could get a prize. They were all a little whiny so I decided to feed them lunch early and have them all lay down for some quiet time and hopefully a nap. Only the youngest nephew took a nap. When he woke up (a little under 2 hours later) we all went to the park near my house and then met my mom when she got off of work.

121_9829 copy
My youngest three nephews getting ready to race around the backyard.

May 31st

My mom’s normal day off.

My dad dropped my youngest nephew, next to the oldest nephew, and me off at the library while He, my mom, and two of my nephews went to the store. My youngest nephew and I went to the children’s department while my next to the oldest nephew went looking for a book. We stayed for Preschool story time (my next to the oldest nephew went looking around and didn’t join us). When it was over, we all checked out our materials and then met my parents and other nephews to go back to my house.

I got some Christian books for the younger nephews and decided to read one to them. They were only paying a little attention to me as I was reading. I had picked up a DVD that went along with the book and decided to let them watch the DVD instead of reading the rest of the book.

121_9855 copy
My middle nephew with his soldiers he made out of paper.

[I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. My camera isn’t behaving very well. Sometimes It decides not to turn on and I have put fully charged batteries in.]

June 1st

All my nephews were over. My oldest nephew had a picnic with the Marines around noon, so his mom dropped him off with his younger brother so she wouldn’t have to go back home before the picnic.

I got a book on CD from the library, mainly for my youngest nephew and decided all the boys could listen to it. I showed them the pictures from the book while the CD played. I also got some Imagination Station books to read to the boys. I started reading the first one in the series. The boys weren’t paying a whole lot of attention to me and I stopped reading a few times. I only read about half of it and hope to finish it the next time they are all here.

121_9860 copy
These clouds looked so low that I thought I could touch them.

June 2nd

I can’t remember all that I did on this day. I tried looking at my camera to figure out if I could fix what is wrong with it. I couldn’t figure it out with my little knowledge of the inside workings of a digital camera.

000_0040 copy
My electric screwdriver.


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