Posted by: erh77 | June 5, 2012

Twenty-first Week (May 20th-26th)

May 20th

Church today.
Title of the message was “Why Am I Here?” and the scripture was Genesis 1:26-28 and Ephesians 2:10. How do we live a spiritually satisfied life? First, we recognize the plan for a fulfilled life (John 10:10) and second, we recognize the benefits of a fulfilled life; Reduced stress, increased motivation, and determined focus (Isaiah 26:3, Jeremiah 29:11, Ephesians 3:20, & Philippians 3:12-14).

121_9523 copy
My double heart anklet I wore to church today.

My mom is on vacation for the next 8 days starting (& including) today. She had so much time built up at work that she needed to use some before she started to lose it.

May 21st

We (my mom, youngest nephew, and I) went to Walmart today. I think for some groceries (I don’t usually photograph our cart of what we bought).

121_9534 copy
Mine and my youngest nephew’s feet in the mirror at Walmart. I believe the mirror is there so you can see how your feet look in the shoes you are trying on (since this was in the shoe department).

May 22nd

Took (walked) my youngest nephew to a park near my house and we stopped at the Hospital on the way back and got some candy from the gift shop. After lunch we (my mom, nephew, and I) walked to another park and then around the neighborhood. Latter my mom said something about going to the mall on the city bus. There wasn’t enough time (my sister would be picking up my nephew in awhile) to go there and back, so we took the bus to a park and let my nephew play. There are some rocks that have water that come out of them and we (my mom and I) thought the water might be on. It wasn’t, but my nephew still had fun.

121_9631 copy
A spider was on the playground equipment (at the second park).

After my nephew went home I got out our ‘big’ (10’ x 12’ x 18”) rectangular pool. The sides need to be aired up before you can add water to it. Good thing we have an electric air pump so It wouldn’t take all night.

May 23rd

Took my mom [borrowed my brother-in-law’s vehicle] to look for some paint for her new fence and some more of the uprights (the fence isn’t complete since we needed some more uprights) at Menards. Menards didn’t have the right ones, so we went to The Home Depot. I was looking for some grout so I could make some chalkboard paint (click link for recipe). I wanted to make part of the front screen door into a chalkboard. Found some at The Home Depot for around $6 (it’s a 5 pound bag, so it’s going to last a long time). Since we had to go to two stores and three of my nephews were getting out of school early, we decided to pick them up. My other two nephews were over and they went with us to the stores and to get the others from school. After we got back to my house the younger four played in the big pool.

121_9715 copy
The front screen door before I painted it.

121_9719 copy
The front screen door after I painted it and wrote on it with chalk.

May 24th

Took my youngest nephew to Pre-school story time at the library. My mom went with us. Originally we were going to take the city bus, but then decided it was a nice enough day to walk.  We needed some bread and decided to go to Save-A-Lot to get some (and a few other things) since it was on the way home from the library.

121_9738 copy
Calla Lily I saw on the way to the store from the library.

May 25th

Today was the local Humane Society’s garage sale. It’s huge and held in a non-air conditioned building. We try to go every year (either on friday or saturday). My youngest nephew was with us (my parents and I). He got restless after he picked out a toy. When my mom and I were done looking, she got in line to pay and I took my nephew out to the vehicle to sit with my dad.

121_9763 copy
My youngest nephew and my sister (not his mom) playing Cootie that we just got at a garage sale.

May 26th

I can’t remember all that I did on this day. I’m sure I did some laundry and some cleaning around the house.

 121_9765 copy
My new project is to paint this old metal shelf with chalkboard paint.

121_9766 copy
After a few coats of chalkboard paint. I have tape on the sides, top, and bottom to keep the paint from going through the holes. I’m not totally finished with this. I have to put something on the corners because they are a little sharp.

[I thought I had type some of this already, but I guess I didn’t.- June 2nd 1p.m. Then I got frustrated with the formatting of the page. It wouldn’t change back to regular type after changing the date to ‘Heading 4’.
And it’s 5 days later and I’m just now finishing this. Ugh to being tired and not carving out time to do this.]


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