Posted by: erh77 | May 27, 2012

Twentieth Week (May 13th-19th)

May 13th

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Hopefully you had a good day.
Church today.
It was my day to help in Children’s Church. We had the kids make cards for their moms. We had some time left over so we had the kids make a card for their grandmas (those that were related made one card for their grandma). They made “flowers” to out in the cards. Check out the inspiration here.

Spent some of the afternoon outside reading. It was hot, but with the wind blowing it didn’t feel as hot.

102_9206 copy
Three bunnies playing in my (& my neighbor’s) side yard. I think I’ll call them flopsy, mopsy, and cottontail.

May 14th

Played outside with my youngest nephew. I decided to clean off the little pool (Step2 that connects to the slide) that we have. My youngest nephew was getting a little wet, so I had him change into his swim trunks and a mesh shirt. We also watered the garden since we had the hose out already.

102_9221 copy
Also made some more of these cookies, this time I used white chocolate chips.

102_9217 copy
Beautiful tulip flower opened up.

May 15th

Filled up the little pool and let my youngest nephew play in it.

102_9244 copy
Enjoying his time in the pool.

May 16th

My oldest nephew is done with school (well until summer school starts). He came over to my house.

The local park district hosted “Touch A Truck” day at one of the parks. I took my youngest nephew there and we met my brother and sister-in-law with the little girl she watches. Since it ended around the same time my dad usually goes and gets my other nephews from school, I decided to get them from school. Got the younger two, then went to get the older one. There is time between when the younger two and the older one gets out, so I took the youngest three of my nephews to the library nearby and had them pick out a couple of books they could read while waiting.

102_9391 copy
All of my nephews (the oldest one is in the shadows on the right). Four of them are trying to play in the pool at the same time.

Finished reading The Telling by Beverly Lewis (the third and last book in the Seasons of Grace series). I have put holds on books in the next series through my library.

May 17th

My youngest and oldest nephews (they are brothers) had dentist appointments today, so they weren’t here today.
Had to pick up the other nephews from school today because my dad had a doctor’s appointment today around the time they got out of school.

102_9416 copy
Blooms on the carnation bush.
[The squirrels or bunnies have eaten all the blooms. I was able to snip one off to press it and I picked another off the ground. –May 27th]

May 18th

102_9422 (8x10) copy
My youngest and oldest nephews at a park near my house.

We (my youngest nephew, oldest nephew, and I) walked to the park near my house. My oldest nephew went for a run while my youngest nephew and I played at the playground. We walked around the park and my nephews ended up playing in the fountain.

102_9459 copy
My oldest nephew doing a pose while in the fountain.

When my other nephews got here after school, the youngest three played in the pool.

My sister lent my her copy of The Vow by Kim & Krickitt Carpenter. I have seen the movie and wanted to read the book the movie was based on.

May 19th

Did some laundry, watered the garden (had to wait until it got cooler). Walked to Subway with my mom to get some super so we wouldn’t have to cook. It’s really hot today- around 90°.

102_9520 copy
A flower on a bush that I saw on our way back from Subway. I think these are the same type of flowers that are outside our living room window.

[I had this all typed up and ready to publish and for some reason my computer said there was a problem saving it.]


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