Posted by: erh77 | May 13, 2012

Seventeenth Week (April 22nd- 28th)

April 22nd

Church today. Today was my day to help in Children’s Church. We talked to the kids about Passover and what the Israelites ate. The kids tried matzah bread, celery dipped in salt water, and horseradish. Most of the kids tried everything and a few of them like it.

My oldest nephew wanted the next oldest nephew to come to his house after church. Since I was still watching my oldest and youngest nephews (the oldest and youngest are brothers) I said it would be alright, but the oldest would have to text his mom and see if she would take the other nephew home. She didn’t answer the text (found out that she had her phone off) so I said “I guess”. The three of them spent most of the afternoon playing games in the oldest nephew’s room.

102_8816 copy
My youngest nephew watching a video that was on my memory card. We figured out that I could put my SD memory card in their Wii and look at pictures and videos that I had taken with my camera.
He is also doing the thing with his feet where he moves them up and down.

My oldest sister and her husband still hadn’t made it back home and it was around 8 p.m so I called my other sister and her husband came and got my other nephew (their oldest). My oldest sister didn’t get home until after 9 p.m. so I stayed the night there and went home in the morning when she went to work.

April 23rd

Took my mom grocery shopping using my brother-in-law(other sister’s husband)’s  vehicle. My youngest nephew ended up spending the night at my house since his dad was having ear surgery the next morning.

After supper him and I went for a walk and ended up stopping at playing at a nearby park.

102_8838 copy
Beautiful sunset that I saw while at the park with my youngest nephew.

April 24th

I don’t remember all that happened today. My oldest sister’s husband had ear surgery this morning.

102_8842 copy
My youngest nephew playing on my laptop.

April 25th

Today is the birthday of a girl I used to watch. She is ten years old. I forgot to send her a card in the mail, so I sent an ecard to her parents’ email. I found a card to send her (will try and get it in the mail in the morning).

102_8846 copy
If you look closely, you will see a face on this tree.
While taking my sister and nephews home, one of them said, “Look a face!”. I had to take a picture of it, thankfully there was a red light long enough for me to take this picture.

April 26th

Decided to make a couple of bracelets for the girl, so the card won’t make it in the mail today. [I kept forgetting to put the card in the mail. I ended up not mailing it until monday (april 30th).]

102_8848 copy
Bracelet number one that I made; a cross pendant on gold stretchy cord.

102_8850 copy
Second bracelet I made; gold and silver plastic round beads, pink tube beads with a ‘flower’ made of pink wire on gold stretchy cord.

My computer has been shutting itself off, well once today and once on Monday. It does a cleaner thing when it comes back on. I have a cooling fan on when it did this. I decided to put my laptop near my regular fan so that maybe it will stay cool and not turn itself off anymore.

April 27th

Lazy day. I spent most of the day reading outside.

102_8856 copy
Neighbor’s trees. I’m pretty sure that the tree in the middle is dead.

April 28th

Errand and cleaning day. Borrowed my brother-in-law’s vehicle while he was working and did some errands with mom.

102_8857 copy
My breakfast; egg, bacon, cheese on a blueberry bagel.

[I’m being slow on uploading pictures and editing them. So, this post is a little late.]


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