Posted by: erh77 | April 29, 2012

Sixteenth week (April 15th–21st)

I forgot to write some things that happened this week. I had a couple of days written on my ereader, but lost it when I had to reset my ereader.

April 15th

Church today.
Message was titled ”Living a Life of Happiness” and the text was Habakkuk 3:17-18. There are two truths we need to acknowledge and respond to in order to live a life of happiness; 1) We must receive God’s forgiveness (Psalm 32:1-5) and 2) We must submit to God’s discipline (Job 5:17, Luke 11:28, Psalm 119:35).

102_8706 copy
The Rose Garden at the hospital near where I live. I walked here with my mom to use the ATM.

April 16th

One of my nephews was playing outside, I went to check on him and he told me to look. A few feet away from me was a bunny. Went to get my camera and by the time I got back, the bunny was gone. I stayed outside awhile and saw it and another bunny in the empty lot near my house today. They were chasing each other all over.

102_8715 copy
Two bunnies in the empty lot. There is a bunny above the zero in 2012.

102_8723 copy
The bunnies playing with each other in the neighbor’s yard.

April 17th

I don’t remember what all I did on this day. Took it kinda easy today with my youngest nephew since he got four shots at the doctor yesterday (His 5 year check up).

102_8727 copy
My youngest nephew’s feet. Most of the time you can find him laying on his stomach with his feet moving up and down (kinda like a fish).

April 18th

Played with Duplo blocks with my youngest nephew. We walked to the park for a little while. He wanted to walk around the park.

102_8730 copy
The Duplo block ‘house’ my youngest nephew wanted me to make him.

April 19th

Went to Pre-School Story time at the library today. The librarian did a family theme. She had two area rugs for the kids to sit on and I let my youngest nephew sit by himself while I sat on one of the chairs. He did really well. We took the bus there. After story time was over and we checked out our materials he wanted to go to a park, so we walked there. We were there for awhile and were able to catch a bus nearby that went near my house.

123_8760 copy
My youngest nephew riding the MTD buss.

April 20th

I made a case for my ereader so that it would be protected a bit. I made it really quick and will probably make a more sturdier one later.

My oldest sister and her husband are going to a Marriage Encounter weekend this weekend and I’m watching their boys for them at their house. They have two big dogs (mastiffs).

My oldest nephew made dinner. There was some steaks in the fridge that were getting close to going bad, so he put some seasoning on them and cooked them in the broiler. He also cooked some corn and sweet potato fries.

123_8763 copy
My youngest nephew playing Wii at his house. He was so animated while playing.

April 21st

Took my youngest nephew to the park in the town he lives in. We walked there (since I don’t have a vehicle). He took some trio blocks with him, he was throwing them down the slide and playing with them under the playground. I told him to put them in the basket of the stroller and I thought he did, but when we got back to the house there was one missing. Since we were all the way back at his house I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the park to look for it.

123_8795 copy
On top of the caterpillar thing. I helped him to get up there. He didn’t stay up there long.

Since I was not at home this weekend, I wasn’t able to post this on the day it should have been. I keep forgetting to edit the pictures so that I can finish this blog and publish it. FYI; I use windows live writer to type this up and then publish it to the internet when I’m done.

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