Posted by: erh77 | April 27, 2012

Fifteenth Week (April 8th–14th)

I had this all typed up just waiting to put the pictures with it (I needed to edit the pictures), but for some reason or another got sidetracked and didn’t do it for awhile. So, here is week 15 a couple of weeks late. I’m trying to be a better time manager so these are published on time.

April 8th

Happy Easter!
He is Risen!

Title of message was “Coming Alive at Easter” and the text was John 14:19 & 2 Corinthians 5:15. God has something better for us than ‘the good life’, The Better Life is a life through Jesus Christ. The Better Life is three things; 1) It’s a life filled with meaning (Colossians 3:4 & 1 Peter 1:3-4), 2) It’s a life Freed by grace (1 Timothy 2:6 & John 8:32-36), and 3) It’s a life full of strength (Jeremiah 31:25, Zechariah 4:6, & 1 Corinthians 15:22). Each of us has a choice to make- the good life or the better life.
After church the children hunted Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny even showed up. Winking smile

102_8385 copy
My youngest three nephews acting silly. They were waiting to go look for eggs.

Took a walk this afternoon. I should do that more often.

102_8494 Stitch copy
A panorama of the lake that I walked around.

April 9th

Went to a local park with my youngest nephew.

102_8561 copy
He used to be sacred to do this. He would get half way up and want to come back down. Today he went up it no problem. He actually went up it a few times.

After the other boys (my middle three nephews) came here after school they played outside and played their own version of golf. Two of them were playing too close to each other and one of them accidently hit the other one with his ‘club’ (a plastic bat) near the eye. He wasn’t hurt that bad, it was just a little red so I made him sit for a while with an ice pack on his eye.

April 10th

Today was cooler than it has been. Spent some of the day playing internet games with my youngest nephew. Clean a bit of the extra bedroom, then my nephew wanted to play in there. Took some nice pictures of him. When it was warmer out (above 50°) we went outside and played Frisbee.

102_8590 copy
The view out of one of our bedroom windows. I would love to get a huge print of this and use it as a background when taking pictures of my nephews indoors.

April 11th

I can’t remember all that happened today. We watched Hop in my room because my youngest nephew brought his Blu-Ray/DVD disc he got for Easter (I’m the only one with a Blu-Ray player). I’m pretty sure that at least the younger two played outside.

102_8636 copy
Two of my nephews playing with a cash register. It has a working calculator.

April 12th

Pre-School story time at the library today. Today an Asian librarian lead story time. She is a little hard to understand (she has a heavy accent). The theme was the ocean. After that I decided to go to the bank (it isn’t very far from the library) and deposit some money. My youngest nephew wanted to go to a park to play. We went to one that was close to the bank (& library). FYI; there are a lot of public parks in the town I live in. I like to go to different ones so that my youngest nephew doesn’t get bored.

102_8650 copy
He likes this park because it has a merry-go-round.

When my other nephews got here after school, they all played golf. I had gotten my youngest nephew a plastic golf set for his birthday and he brought it over. There is two ‘holes’ that came with the set and I decided to have them do four holes to make a round. After the first round some of them got a little restless and didn’t want to play anymore.

102_8685 copy
My nephews showing the place they got after the first round (2nd, 1st, 3rd).

Had to go to the store after my brother-in-law got off work. Actually he stayed here with his kids while I took my mom and sister to the store. We got some fruit from Aldi’s and I made some smoothies we I got home.

April 13th

My youngest nephew and I played some golf with his plastic set. I can’t remember how many ‘holes’ we played.

102_8701 copy
He talked me into making some more chocolate cookies with my Cookie Press, but I didn’t get any done before he had to leave.

Started reading The Secret by Beverly Lewis. So, I’m reading three books at once (two via my ereader).

April 14th

Cleaning and laundry day. I had to clean the extra bedroom again because I left it the other day (Tuesday) when my youngest nephew was playing in there.

102_8704 copy
My made bed with some stuffed animals on it.

My oldest nephew came over to work on some homework after he was done with his Marine training. He had his PSP with him and was trying to get on our wifi. I told him the password and it wasn’t working for awhile. He figured out the password must be capitalized and got online. I wondered if that wasn’t what was wrong with my ereader (it wasn’t staying connected for more than two seconds). That was the problem and now I can connect to the internet with my ereader via our wifi. Smile


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