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Fourteenth Week (April 1st–7th)

Was hoping that now that the sewing was all done, I would actually sit down and do this better. Guess I was wrong. I need to get back into the habit of writing everyday.
Sometime in the last few weeks I finished reading The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere and started reading The Christmas Secret. I think it was around March 22nd.

April 1st

Church today. Today is Psalm Sunday, where we celebrate the day when Jesus rode through the streets of Jerusalem on a donkey (Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-44, John 12:12-19).
The children (and some of the teens) are a part of the service today.

102_8231 copy
The girls are wearing the dresses and tutus I have spent the last few weeks making. One of the girls didn’t show up.

I was helping out, making sure the kids came in and out when they were suppose to.

Title of the message was “Jesus, The Cross, And Me” and the text was Mark 15:16-41. Three facts about Jesus’ crucifixion that will help us live lives of spiritual victory are; 1) Jesus couldn’t carry His cross (verse 21, Matthew 11:28-30), 2) Jesus did not save Himself (verses 22-32), and 3) Jesus experienced separation from God (verses 33-34).

102_8221 copy
My oldest nephew before church.

Birthday party for my next to the oldest nephew this afternoon.

April 2nd

My youngest nephew got an Angry Bird game for his birthday and brought it to my house for us to play. You pick a card, make the towers, put the pigs on, then you fling the birds with this sling shot thing-like the computer game.
His new thing is to ask to go to the hospital (it’s nearby), walk around and look out the windows. The hospital has a hallway that goes over a major street and he likes to see the cars go by.
He spent the night because his dad was going to have ear surgery in the morning.

102_8264 copy
Looking out of the hallway windows to the street bellow (the lights reflected in the upper right hand are from the hallway lights).

April 3rd

Was originally thinking about taking my youngest nephew to see the Easter Bunny at the mall on Thursday (April 5th) but because his dad is having ear surgery his mom is off the rest of the week (he will be with her and not here). I decided to take him today instead. We went via the city bus (it’s nice to have since I don’t have a vehicle right now).

123_8288 copy
Part of the decorations for the Eater Bunny area at the mall.

Well, my brother-in-law’s surgery got cancelled. The doctor was running so far behind that he decided to reschedule it. It’s not for a few more weeks. My sister was able to change her days off so she could work the rest of the week and then take time off when he does have his surgery.

April 4th

Didn’t do a whole lot today. I think it was cold (bellow 50°) out so we stayed in and watched Nickelodeon most of the day.

123_8348 copy
My youngest nephew playing on my laptop while watching Fred;The Movie.

April 5th

Pre-School story time at the library. Did some errands with Mom (borrowed my brother-in-law’s car) and got some candy and treats for my nephews for Easter.

102_8355 copy
Some clouds I found interesting while we were out. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the bottom of them. It was kinda swirl like. I didn’t want to take a picture while driving (this one was taken while the light was red).

April 6th

No kids today. My sister has it off because it’s Good Friday and it’s my brother-in-law’s day off. So, it was a lazy day for me.

Finished reading The Christmas Secret.

102_8365 copy
One of my mom’s Nativity scenes. She has a lot of them, only a couple of them are the same. I haven’t counted them in awhile, last I remember there were over 30 of them.

April 7th

Started reading Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter via Kobo reader on my ereader (I found the book for free on the Kobo website).

I’m not sure of all I did today, probably some laundry. I did make some brownies.

102_8370 copy
The Brownies I made. I wanted to make them like Turtles but I didn’t have much caramel or any chocolate (I hate some vanilla bark and used that).


[The post date for this says the 8th, but in reality it’s the 15th. I’m trying to get better at posting these on time. Right after I publish this, I’m going to write up week fifteen (& hopefully post it asap).]


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