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Thirteenth Week (March 25th-31st)

March 25th

Church today.
Title of the message was “ Living a Life of Influence”, text was Matthew 4:12-17. There are three components of Jesus’ ministry that we need to follow to live a life of influence; 1)Start with common ground (verses 12 & 13), 2)Increase your influence by creating hope (verses 13-16)-it is our responsibility to “shine the light” (Matthew 5:14), and 3)Emphasize changed lives (verse 17)- we need to live our lives showing others the change that God has made in our lives.

123_7966 copy
This is the place where we have church. We rent out two rooms every week.

Let the marathon sewing begin. I have only a week to make costumes for the children’s parts in the service next Sunday. I have only two dresses done and I need six of them plus tutus for each dress and three soldier costumes. I actually have the tutus mostly done. [This is what I have been doing the past few weeks instead of writing this up.]

March 26th

123_7995 copy
Violets I picked from our backyard.

Spent some of the day outside. My youngest nephew taught himself how to climb up the side of the swing-set. It’s about four feet from the ground to the platform.
CKP (3-26-12)

March 27th

Spent some time outside.

123_8010 copy
The Front and back of the soldier costumes I have been working on.
This was the first one I made, only two more of these to make.

I can’t remember what day I finished the tutus. I have about two more dresses to finish.

March 28th

Happy 5th Birthday to my youngest nephew!

123_8018 copy
Trees in the backyard. Technically they aren’t in the backyard, they are on the other side of the fence.

Did a lot of sewing today. I don’t have many days left to finish the costumes for Sunday.

March 29th

123_8029 copy
Playing in the sand at a local park.
He filled up this basket with some help from a little girl he met and me.

123_8033 copy
My youngest nephew talked me into making some chocolate cookies with my cookie press. We added some sprinkles.

March 30th

123_8041 copy
Little boy pretending to sleep in the wagon. We played in the backyard for a little bit, went to a local park for a little bit, then went to Family Video to rent “Hop”.

My next to the oldest nephew was sick and stayed here since his parents were working. The three of us watched “Hop” together.

Later in the day my youngest nephew and I were playing in the backyard. I was swinging in one of the swings and asked him if I should jump out. He said, “yes”. I moved my left hand ‘out’ (moved it to the other side of the chain-my arm was now in front of the chain) and was in the process of moving my right hand ‘out’ when I lost my balance. I grabbed the chain with my right hand and cut it. It wasn’t too bad, but I had some trouble trying to finish the dresses. (I got them done though.)

March 31st

123_8045 copy
My hand, the next day.

Party today for my youngest nephew.

102_8061 copy
The special guest (Batman) with my youngest nephew.

Winter Jam, a big Christian concert tonight. Got all the sewing done this morning so I could go to the concert.
The following pictures are collages that I made of the groups/individuals that were there.

Winter Jam 1
We As Human, Dara Maclean, for King & Country, and Group 1 Crew.

Winter Jam 2
Illusionist Brock Gil, Building 429, Kari Jobe, and Newsong.

Winter Jam 3
Speaker Nick Hall, Sanctus Real, Peter Furler with Phil Joel, and Skillet.

Tomorrow is my next to the oldest nephew’s birthday and I had planned on making him the black angry bird, but with all the sewing I had to do I didn’t have any time to make it. (I still haven’t made it either. I took a few days off sewing anything. -April 6th)

I had most of this typed up and ready to publish, but somehow my computer froze the program I was working in and I lost it.
I got it all typed up now, going to save it, then post it (over a week late).


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