Posted by: erh77 | March 24, 2012

Twelfth week (March 18th-24th)

I was going to write this and post it along with week 11, but was too tired to stay up any later and type it. Now, I’m two weeks behind. Hopefully, now that all the sewing is done, I can get caught up on this. I have remembered to take a picture everyday. (I set the post date as March 24th even though I actually am posting this on April 6th.) 

March 18th

Church today.
Title of message was “How to Win Over Temptation”. Text was Matthew 4:1-11. Three things we need to win over temptation are; 1)Expect it, it’s going to happen-even Jesus was tempted (verse 1, Hebrews 4:15), 2)Understand it (Matthew 4:5-6,9-10), and 3)Attack it (Psalm119:11), make an effort to know scripture (Matthew 4:10).

123_7760 copy
Flowers near our living room window. I think they may be some form of roses.

March 19th

Spring break for my nephews, well the ones that go to school.

123_7815 copy
My oldest nephew playing on the swing-set in the backyard. He had to come over and work on some homework. Yep, he had homework during spring break.

I had an errand I had to run and took my youngest nephew with me. We found a very small park and decided to play there.

March 20th

123_7825 copy
This is a new way to play bowling according to my youngest nephew.

123_7847 copy
Flowers near a hospital in the town I live in.

Played outside most of the day since it was so nice. My youngest nephew and I took a walk to the park. We tossed some rocks into the lake. The geese thought we were tossing them food so they came over to where we were. We tried tossing the rocks away from the geese, I didn’t want to hit any of them. After awhile we decided to leave.

I also made some strawberry muffins, yummy.

March 21st

123_7878 copy
Water balloons. It was warm enough out today to play in the water. I made these for my youngest nephew to throw. He ended up throwing them at me. I threw a few at him. He wanted to play in the slip-n-slide, so I got that out and let him play for awhile.

March 22nd

I had all five of my nephews here today. I took the youngest three to a local park, the other two didn’t want to come.

123_7911 copy
I actually got the three of them on the tire swing all at once.

123_7940 copy
I figured since I had them all here at once I would take a picture of them. They haven’t had one in a long time.

March 23rd

123_7949 copy
Some pretty clouds that were over the house today.

Had all five of my nephews again today. We all played kick ball.

March 24th

123_7962 copy
Raggedy Ann doll I have with some of my stuffed animals. Yes, I have stuffed animals.


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