Posted by: erh77 | March 18, 2012

Eleventh Week (March 11th–March 17th)

I had all the intentions of posting this on Saturday the 17th, but have been very busy working on other things that that didn’t happen. [Hopefully I will post this a week late (March 24) along with week 12. I have changed the post date to the 18th even though it will actually be the 24th.]

March 11th

Church today.
Title of the message today was “What Jesus Came to Do” and the text was Matthew 3:1-17. Three main points were 1) Jesus will give us power (verse 11,  Ezekiel 36:27, Joel 2:28, Acts 1:8), 2)Jesus will make us pure (verses 11 & 12), and 3)Jesus will supply a pathway (verses 13-17).

After church my dad and I went to lunch with my oldest sister, her husband, and her youngest son. Her oldest son went to help my other sister and brother-in-law move.

123_7612 copy
Daffodils are blooming Smile.

March 12th

Was planning on taking my youngest nephew to a local park, but it had rained a lot overnight. Ended up going grocery shopping with my mom.

Later mom and I went to Big Lots to look at their phones. We need new ones for the house (the cordless phones won’t hold a charge for very long and it’s about the cheapest place she could find new ones). She got a set where you get four phones and it has an answering machine incorporated in one of the cradles. I found an ereder/tablet there that was cheaper than anywhere else I had looked, so I bought it. [It’s alright, but for some reason it won’t stay connected to my home wifi for longer than a second.-I’m looking for ways to fix this via the internet.]

123_7614 copy
My oldest nephew painted this picture for his art class and gave it to my mom.

March 13th

123_7644 copy
He wanted to go for a walk today, so we did. I like that the weather has been so nice that we can go for a walk and spend most of the day outside.

(I can’t remember all that happened on this day.)

March 14th

123_7670 copy
A bird in my backyard.

123_7680 copy
A nice sunset. I like that the days are longer now. I spend some of the evening outside reading.

(I can’t remember all that happened on this day either.)

March 15th

Finished The Christmas Hope and started reading The Christmas Promise (the fourth book in The Christmas Shoes series) by Donna VanLiere.

Went to the Library for Pre-School Story Time with my youngest nephew. Three of my nephews (the ones that come here after school most of time) were getting out of school early (Parent-Teacher conferences), so my Dad dropped us (my youngest nephew and I) at the library and would pick us back up after he picked up the boys. So, we got extra time at the library. I brought my ereader with me and was able to connect to the library’s wifi with no problem. I was able to download the kindle reading app and sync the books I already had on my laptop with it.

123_7688 copy
It was so nice out that we had lunch outside. After everyone was done with lunch we went inside to watch “Mars Needs Moms” and almost everyone took a nap.

123_7694 copy
This is my next to the youngest nephew’s. His name is Maxx (that’s what is on his tag) and he is over two feet tall. Since today was a short day, they got to bring a stuffed animal to school and he brought Maxx. I took him outside to play for a little bit. My nephew told me to take him back inside because he might get dirty.

March 16th

My oldest two nephews went with one of my aunts and my oldest sister to a Newsboys concert a few hours away. The younger three were a little bummed, but got to play together for a little bit. My other sister and her husband needed to go to Walmart so I asked them to drop me and the boys at the park while they were at Walmart. The park we went to has a sand box and they played in that most of the time we were there. After that we went to Dairy Queen and got some Ice Cream. We brought some home for my parents.

123_7697 copy
My youngest nephew and I filled up the bird feeder the Tuesday (with bread crumbs-that’s all we had) and today we saw a bird eating from it.

123_7734 copy
I made a Strawberry Pie from scratch. The strawberries I used were bought from my oldest nephew who was selling them for his FFA group.

March 17th

I started reading Branded by Tim Sinclair via kindle on my ereader.

Ran some errands with my mom. We got a new small ball for the boys at Dollar Tree then when we went to Walmart we bought a bigger one.

123_7747 copy
Some clouds today.


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