Posted by: erh77 | March 11, 2012

Tenth Week (March 4th–March 10th)

March 4th

Six years ago my maternal grandfather passed away. He hadn’t been doing too well and was in the hospital. I still can remember where I was and how I found out (Not going to share it because it’s sad). I still miss him now.

Church today.
We watched a DVD featuring Louie Giglio. His topic was on grace.

It snowed this evening, not a whole lot but it did stick to the ground.

102_7463 copy
The clouds on the way to church (through the window).

March 5th

The snow that fell last night melted today.

Showed my youngest nephew my new DVD player and he just had to figure out how to work the remote himself.

102_7466 copy
This is what the mirror was reflecting on the wall. I thought it was cool.

March 6th

123_7477 copy
Me and my youngest nephew going for a walk. We ended up at a local park.

It was a nice day. I hung out laundry.

123_7515 copy
The moon looked so cool that I tried to get a picture of it. This is the best I could get with my camera.

March 7th

It was nice again today. I hung out some laundry again. I like it when it’s nice enough to hang laundry outside because it smells so nice and it doesn’t take as long to dry.

My youngest nephew and I played in the backyard (our own version of 21). We also walked to another local park.

123_7530 copy
A bird in the backyard.

March 8th

Pre-School Story time at the library today. The theme was dogs. After every book my nephew would say, “Let’s get that book.” Good thing I had my purse next to us and was able to write down the titles so I wouldn’t forget.

Mom had to go grocery shopping. We ended up getting some soup for lunch from Subway (there’s one inside our local Walmart). Subway has good broccoli and cheese soup.

123_7558 copy
My youngest nephew waiting for my mom and I to order our soup from Subway.

March 9th

My oldest nephew came over (spend the weekend) to work on some of his homework. He needed the computer and internet (two things they don’t have at his house).

123_7566 copy
This is actually a Christmas ornament I got after Christmas in 2010, but I keep it on the wall all year long.  It hangs on the wall underneath pictures of my nephews.

Started cleaning my room. I wish it would stay clean, but it gets dusty a lot.

March 10th

More cleaning today. Hope fully it will be warm enough to hang some laundry outside. I love the smell of laundry after it has been dried outside.

123_7572 copy
One of my favorite smells. This candle was given to me from a friend and it makes me think of her when I burn it.


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