Posted by: erh77 | March 6, 2012

Ninth Week (February 26th–March 3rd)

February 26th

Church today.
Title of message was “Christian Compassion”, text was Matthew 2:1-12. Wouldn’t it be nice if the compassion people had at Christmas time lasted throughout the whole year? Well Christians should show compassion all year long. There are three principles that will take us from Christmas compassion to Christian compassion. They are; Give more than you expect to get, Give out of love not obligation, and Give gifts that tell people that we value them.

Was all set to watch the Daytona 500, but it was rained out. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s a big time car race and they can’t race in the rain.) They postponed it until Monday at noon eastern.

102_7365 copy
The beautiful sun through my bedroom window. It’s so nice to see the sun. I like this picture because it actually shows the screen in my window (most of the time my camera doesn’t get this detail).

February 27th

Well, rain again in Daytona and the race is postponed until 7 pm eastern tonight. As I write this it’s after midnight in Daytona and they have over 30 laps to go in the race. A car ran into one of the safety trucks under caution and there was a big fire that put the race on hold.- They got to race the last 30 laps.

My mom and my youngest nephew playing on my laptop. I think he was showing her something he wanted her to do.

February 28th

I don’t remember what all I did this day (I forgot to write anything, the pictures might help me remember).

102_7369 copy
My ice cream cone. Yesterday (feb.27th) while at the store my youngest nephew asked for the colored ice cream cones and some ice cream. So we now have blue,pink, and purple ice cream cones and him and I enjoyed one today.

My youngest nephew and I played Hungry Hungry Hippos and while waiting to start another round he said, “Look, a smile face.”. Sure enough, the marbles had formed a smile face so I had to take a picture.

February 29th

Happy Leap Day! This year we get an extra day and today is it. It was such a nice day, low 60s, that I decided to take my youngest nephew to a park and let him have fun. We also went to McDonald’s for lunch.

I hung out some clothes and it was so windy that some of them fell off the line and I had to hang them back up until they were dry.

102_7419 copy
He is saying, “Yay! I get to play outside!” Well, not really. He was swinging in his swing in the backyard and I was pushing him really high.

March 1st

Went to Preschool Story Time at the library. The theme was colors. My youngest nephew like the books Pete the Cat and Dog’s Colorful Day that the librarian read.

102_7432 copy
Someone mixed the play-doh after I told him not to then decided to put it on his forehead.

102_7434 copy
Beautiful rose bloom from a plant my sister got my mom for her birthday. Mom is hoping to replant this soon.

March 2nd

Once again I forgot to write down anything that happened this day. I almost forgot to take a picture.

102_7438 copy
One of the lamps in the living room, I thought it looked kinda neat against the blackness of the room.

March 3rd

bryan thompson
Today was Read Across America Day. It was held at our local mall. I picked up one of my sisters and we met our oldest sister there. The boys actually listened to a couple of stories without a fuss. We all decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch.

All my nephews at McDonald’s. My oldest nephew joined us for lunch. He didn’t go with us to Read Across America because he had stuff to do with the Marines.

Ran some errands and got a Blu-Ray dvd player. I needed a new one (mine broke over a year ago) so I decided to get a Blu-Ray.


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