Posted by: erh77 | February 27, 2012

Eighth Week (February 19th- 25th)

February 19th

Church today.
Title of the message was “There is Power in the Name of Jesus”. Text was Mathew 1:18-25. There are three names attributed to Jesus that are crucial in our understanding of who Jesus is and what His life means to us today. They are; Messiah (He came to be our ruler, our king, our deliverer, our protector, our Lord), Savior (He came to save us from our sins), and Companion (He is always with us).

Party in the afternoon for my next to the youngest nephew and my mom.

123_7268 copy
My sister-in-law made these cupcakes and decorated it with Sonic for my nephew.

123_7270 copy
My sister bought this cake for my mom and I had to pipe on the writing. It’s no the best, but oh well.

February 20th

My nephew and I tried to make crayons in the Crayola Crayon Maker we have. Neither of us wanted to sit and watch it for the 10-15 minutes that it takes to melt the crayons. So, we went and did something else only to forget about the crayon maker. It turned itself off and cooled down so we couldn’t pour the melted crayons into the mold.

123_7309 copy
My pink wireless mouse.

February 21st

123_7315 copy
Pretty sunset with clouds.

I can’t remember what happened this day because I forgot to write anything down. I know I went to the store (the picture was taken in Walmart’s parking lot), but I can’t remember what else happened.

February 22nd

Finished reading The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere. It was so different from the movie. Now I’m reading The Christmas Hope.

123_7331 copy
My youngest nephew found the box of train tracks and wanted to play with them. After trying to figure out how to configure it for awhile, this is what we ended up with. There’s about three different sets of tracks and figures, one my mom bought a long time ago and two we found at a garage sale.

February 23rd

Preschool Story Time at the library today. Not exactly sure of the theme, think it was Nursery Rhymes. The Librarian read a new version of Humpty Dumpty and one of the songs we sang was “There was an Old Woman”.

102_7340 copy
He got a travel pack of play-doh and wanted some more molds to play with.

102_7344 copy
Two of my nephews playing with the train tracks.
Left the track out from the pervious day (I didn’t want to have to figure it out again). When it was time for them to go home, they put away everything, including the tracks.

February 24th

102_7346 copy
Spent most of the morning trying to get this figured out. My youngest nephew wanted it out again and I wanted to do something different. After I had all this done, my youngest nephew decided he wanted to play with something else, ugh. I left it out so that the older boys could play with it when they came over after school.

102_7352 copy
My youngest nephew in his silly outfit (pajama top, Larry-boy tie, jeans, and Toy Story slippers). He said he was standing like Austin from Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. [Wish I would have taken a least another picture of this because I cut the top of his head off of this one.]

February 25th

102_7359 copy
The sunset through my window.

Is it springtime yet? We have had a mild winter here in Illinois and it’s almost March.

[Once again I have put writing this on the back burner, there are more important things than writing things out. I have taken at least a picture a day. I will try to get better at writing what I do in summary (although my life is kinda boring).]


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