Posted by: erh77 | February 19, 2012

Seventh Week (February 12th-18th)

I haven’t been writing down anything at the end of each day like I usually do. My neck and back have been hurting a lot and I have been trying to get more sleep than normal.

I finished reading The Longing by Beverly Lewis thursday (feb.9th). It was the last book in The Courtship of Nellie Fisher. I had stop reading The Christmas Blessing for awhile so I could work on birthday presents and finished The Longing before it was due (I had already renewed it the maximum number of times allowed).

February 12th

Church today. The kids sang there little song that they have been working on. A few of them did really well and a couple of them didn’t really sing, but they tried.
Title of message today was, “The Courage of Obedience”. Text was Matthew 1:18-25.

123_7159 copy
Some of my cat figurines and a cross-stitch that my dad did for me. Sorry there is a flash reflection.

February 13th

123_7166 copy
123_7167 copy
Valentine’s Day cards I made. I let my youngest nephew pick some out so he could give some to his parents and brother.

It started snowing in the evening and throughout the night.

February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Went sledding with my youngest nephew today. We went early before all the snow started melting.

123_7195 copy
The geese were at the park and there were lots of them.

123_7201 copy
My youngest nephew and I getting ready to sled down the hill.

February 15th

Happy 60th Birthday to my mom! She said she isn’t keeping track anymore. Mom, Dad, and I went to Cracker Barrel for supper.

123_7236 copy
The Lincoln Historic Hotel, or whatever they are calling it. This was taken from a parking lot nearby.

February 16th

took my youngest nephew to Pre-School Story time at the Library. The theme was about following directions. The Librarian read No David and at the end she read The Monster at the End of This Book. When it was over, while I was taking our coats off the hooks my nephew went and gave the Librarian a hug.

123_7245 copy

I made some cupcakes today. I tried to make some of them heart shaped by using a ball of foil while they were baking. It didn’t work so well.

February 17th

123_7247 copy
He found the green vampire teeth and played with them most of the day.

February 18th

Happy 10th Birthday to my next to the youngest nephew!

My brother-in-law took my mom and me to the store. I found a gift for my dad (bad me for waiting so long to get him something) and for my mom.

123_7253 copy
I managed to finish these guys for my nephew’s birthday.

123_7260 copy
One of the eggs I crocheted to go with the White Angry Bird. In the game, he “shoots” out eggs.

We are having a party tomorrow to celebrate my nephew and my mom’s birthdays.


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