Posted by: erh77 | February 12, 2012

Sixth Week (February 5th-11th)

February 5th

Church today. I helped in Children’s Church today. It was alright. The kids want to do a song for the adults the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, so they practiced it some today.

I tried to look up a recipe on the internet that my mom had found in a book she had borrowed from the library, but couldn’t find it. I guess I was tired because I ended up taking a nap while searching the internet.

Oh, I guess there was this game called the Super Bowl today. I don’t really follow football, but I do know who won-The New York Giants.

102_7042 copy
The sun, shining through my window.

February 6th

Mom was sick today so she stayed home from work. I tired to let her sleep as much as possible.

My oldest sister took me to the store so I could get a few things we needed for supper.

102_7052 copy2
My oldest sister gave me this one year either for my birthday or Christmas. It plays music while the water flows. My youngest nephew and I decided to put some water in it.

102_7054 copy
Here it is in it’s normal spot among my cat figurines. I don’t play it much because it runs down batteries quickly. (And for some reason rechargeable batteries don’t work in it.)

February 7th

My youngest nephew found a website where you can play Angry Birds online and he played it and then had me play. This was the first time I have ever played the game.

102_7062 copy
Heart shaped French Toast. My youngest nephew was playing a game that gives you recipes you can make. He found a recipe for French Toast and wanted it for lunch. I decided to use a heart shaped bread cutter on them to give them a cute look.

February 8th

Found the angry birds website that lets you download a trial version to your pc. I downloaded Angry Bird Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. I let the boys (my youngest four) play it this afternoon.

102_7067 copy
“Take a picture of me as I jump.” He’s too cute not to take a picture of.

February 9th

Ran errands with mom today. Had lunch with my oldest sister, mom, and youngest nephew.

Had to deal with 12 year old attitude today.

Youngest nephew is spending the night.

102_7071 copy
The sun trying to peek through the clouds. It’s so pretty.

February 10th

Took my sister around to do some errands, ended up picking up her kids from school because the errands took long. Went to the library (in her town , next to my town) while waiting for her oldest to get out of school. Borrowed things from that library.

I finally finished some earrings I had started making for my oldest sister for her birthday. I thought I had some gold ear wires (earing hoops), but I didn’t. I got some the other yesterday and finished them today and gave them to her. A few weeks after her birthday.

102_7089 copy
Outside my basement window. The window itself is dirty on the outside, so this picture isn’t the greatest. It does give it a neat effect though.

February 11th

Today was long day. It was a Teen Bible Quizzing Day. This time the meet was in a town 2 1/2 hours away, so I had to get up extra early. I was up before the sun was, the moon was still bright.

We had extra time during our lunch break so my brother and I went to Walmart. I was able to get some fabric to make some more angry birds.

It was a good day, even though it was long.

102_7106 copy
The Illinois River. We crossed it today.


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