Posted by: erh77 | February 5, 2012

Fifth Week (January 29th- February 4th)

January 29th

Church today! Message was titled “Letting Go-A Better Way to Change”. Text was Mark 5:24-34 (the woman who was subjected to bleeding for 14 years). Three things we need to let go in order to experience god’s power and have everlasting chance are; 1.) Let go of our futile efforts (verse 26)-we have to figure out what is working and was isn’t, 2.) Let go of our shame (verses 33-34), and 3.) Let go of our doubt (verse 34)-we have to let go of our doubt and let God have control of our lives. The key is letting go and not picking it back up again.

Watched three of my nephews for a little while today so that my sister and brother-in-law could go do their taxes.

Went to another church tonight to hear The Orpheus Choir from Olivet Nazarene University. It was good, they sing so beautifully. Got to see some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

102_6963 copy
I took this picture while riding in the front seat of my brother-in-law’s vehicle. We were on our way to the Orpheus Choir concert.

102_6964 copy
Orpheus Choir.

January 30th

Cleaned my nephew’s stitches. He was playing in the tub Saturday night and fell against the side and cut under his chin. He had to get 7 stitches and thankfully he got the dissolving kind, but they still need to be cleaned. Note to children; if your mom tells you to stop playing around in the tub, listen to her or you could end up with stitches.

102_6973 copy
Here’s a somewhat decent picture of his stitches.

Made some pillows for one of my sisters for her birthday. She picked out the fabric and told me what I could make her. I haven’t yet given them to her.

102_6969 copy
I hung some clothes outside for a little while today. It felt more like late March early April since it was in the 50s.

January 31st

Happy Birthday to my only brother! He is the youngest in the family.

It was another nice day out. Not as sunny as yesterday, but warmer. Played outside with my youngest nephew. Was tempted to hang out laundry, thought it might rain so I didn’t.

Started knitting a hat for someone for their birthday.

000_0024 copy
Blowing bubbles on the back porch. He was getting a little frustrated when nothing would come out of the wand.

February 1st

I’m tired right now and I’m trying to remember all that happened today that I want to share.

It was in the 50s again today and I decided to hang out some clothes to dry. I left some outside so hopefully it doesn’t get too cold tonight.

Worked some on the hat I’m knitting. It’s going slow because I’m not working on it as much.

102_6993 copy
My next to the youngest nephew playing in Spongebob’s house. This is his favorite place to play when he can’t go outside to play.

February 2nd

Can someone really explain Groundhog day to me? I don’t really get it. Why do we “ask” a groundhog to “predict” whether or not we will have six more weeks of winter? I’ve always thought spring started March 21st no matter what the groundhog “said”.

In Illinois we have been having spring like weather for awhile now, so I really don’t care. Well, I have never really cared what the groundhog “said”. Spring will start March 20th this year and nobody (but God) knows what the weather will be like then.

Went to the library for Preschool Story Time. The theme was hats. The librarian played part of a “Reading Rainbow” episode where they read Florence and Eric Take the Cake. My youngest nephew liked it so much that we looked for the DVD of it and borrowed it from the library. While there he grabbed a book off the shelf and started reading it. He ended up only reading a few pages, but I was so proud I had to take a picture.

102_6996 copy
It was a Curious George at the Fire Station. We ended up borrowing it from the library. I was hoping he would read the entire thing by himself, he didn’t. I ended up reading it to him.

102_6998 copy
The sun is so pretty when it shines. It’s nice being outside.

I finished the hat I was knitting.

February 3rd

Not feeling the best. My stomach feels like it’s twisted, but I took a short nap and I’m feeling a little better.

My youngest nephew is spending the night.

102_7034 copy
One of our beanie baby dogs. This one sits on top of one of our speakers for our surround sound. He looked so cute sitting there, almost real-like that I had to take his picture.

February 4th

My youngest nephew came into my room before 7 am this morning. He wanted me to come and watch tv with him in the extra bedroom, after a minute in there he wanted to go downstairs. We went downstairs, cuddled on a couch, watched some tv then fell asleep for a few hours.

My oldest nephew came over to use the computer & internet for homework and he ended up spending the night.

102_7039 copy
My oldest nephew coming out of Spongebob’s house. He was inside all the way, but I didn’t get my camera ready in time for that picture and had to settle for this one. He barley fits inside of it.

I highlighted my hair this afternoon. It’s a lighter shade than it was, not quite blond.


(sorry this is actually being posted later than it says. I edit the pictures in photoshop and for some reason my edition of photoshop won’t open when I have goole chrome opened and I keep for getting to open photoshop first.)


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