Posted by: erh77 | January 28, 2012

Fourth week (January 22nd-28th)

January 22nd

Church today. Title of message was “Defeating the Greatest Enemies of Change.” Text was Galatians 6:7-10. Three enemies we need to defeat are Residue from the past, Having to wait for the results, and Unwillingness to follow God’s way.

I haven’t been sleeping very well the last few nights. Trying to fight sleep now so that I will sleep tonight.

102_6934 copy
My dad cross-stitched this for me for Christmas one year. I have it where I can see it from my bed. It reminds me to keep hanging on even when things may seem bad.

January 23rd

Happy Birthday to my sister, Jen!

Still not sleeping very well. Need to get my sleep pattern back to normal.

Looking at various things I could make (sew or knit) for birthdays.

Watched Spy Kids; All the time in the World. It was alright. Wanted to watch it since I have seen the other three movies. Juni and Carmen are all grown up, so they aren’t the focus of this movie.

102_6939 copy
My favorite kind of tootsie rolls-vanilla. I ate all of these shortly after I got them (in December) and now all I have is this re-usable bank.

January 24th

I need to stop looking at patterns and just pick something out. At the rate I’m going it will be Christmas before anybody gets birthday presents from me.

102_6944 copy
The “king” of my laptop Smile. Well, he like to think he is.

January 25th

Started a knitting project that I may end up giving to one of my family members for their birthday.

102_6945 copy
He wanted me to read this book to him. Red heart

102_6947 copy
We watched Rio today and my nephew thought I needed to take a picture of it.

January 26th

Took my youngest nephew to the Library today. Preschool Story time was about the alphabet. The librarian read a book where the alphabet climbed a Coconut Tree (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom). Borrowed four books that are the sequels  to The Christmas Shoes for me to read and some books for him to read (or me to read to him).

102_6958 copy
My youngest nephew playing with the trains at the library.

102_6962 copy
I think he is actually reading. The book is called Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt. It’s one of the ones that we borrowed from the library.

January 27th

Started reading The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere, the sequel to The Christmas Shoes. This one was also made into a movie.

000_0020 copy
I made him vacuum. He had dropped pieces of the chips he was eating on the floor, so I told him to vacuum them up.

January 28th

Slept in today and it felt good, although I wanted to get up earlier than I did so that I could get more done. I did get a couple of things I was making for birthday presents done.

000_0021 copy
The Illinois I I made to go on a scarf my mom made. I knitted the orange part then crocheted the blue and white around it.


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