Posted by: erh77 | January 21, 2012

Third Week (January 15th-21st)

January 15th

Church today. Title of the message was “Developing a Routine”. Text was Philippians 3:12 and Psalm 90:12. Three Principles were; To Recognize the power of one, To Recognize the power of momentum, and To Recognize the power of persistence.

I finished reading The Christmas Shoes. Now I have to find some time to go to the Library and borrow the next book. Most of the books I read are borrowed from the Library. It’s so much cheaper that way.

102_6781 copy

My camera lens reflected in my cell phone. I thought it was cool so I took a picture.

January 16th

Today is my oldest sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday, PJ!

102_6826 copy

102_6835 copy

Took three of my nephews to the park to go sledding. There is a hill there that is good for that. There wasn’t a whole lot of snow, but we had fun anyway.

Took mom to the store to get a few things and ran into a lady and her son that we vaguely know. We offered to give them a ride home so they wouldn’t have to take the bus. They accepted. It felt nice to do a small favor for someone.

Finished reading The Forbidden and starting reading The Longing (last book in the courtship of Nellie Fisher series).

January 17th

I played games on the computer and did a painting with my youngest nephew.

102_6877 copy

My youngest nephew working on his painting.

Cold day, highest temp was in the am. Took a nap when my youngest nephew did. don’t know why I’m so tired.

January 18th

My youngest nephew wanted me to get my trampoline out to play on. it’s one of those 30 inch personal ones that has resistance bands. He played on it a lot and for some reason I didn’t take a picture of him on it today.

102_6889 copy

I guess toast is better when you eat in Spongebob’s house.

January 19th

It snowed a little today, not much stuck around. looks like winter is here, it’s been in the 20s the last few days.

I need to set aside some time to work on some angry birds. I found this website that has patterns to make some. I made some for my middle nephew for his birthday in November and told someone I could make some for their child after Christmas. Well, it’s after Christmas. January seems almost as busy as December because 5 members of my family has a birthday this month (today is my sister-in-laws). Happy Birthday, SL(S)H!

I feel a little bad because I haven’t bought anybody anything for their birthday. I haven’t had the opportunity to go shopping for presents (oh the joys of having no car).

102_6894 copy

Here’s my youngest nephew on my trampoline.

January 20th

Someone want to eat the rest of the gingerbread spritz cookies so I can make some more, although I’m running out of ingredients to make cookies. Guess I need to go to the store.

000_0015 copy

I let my youngest nephew play with bubbles for a little while today.

It snowed a little while ago (around 9pm) and there is snow on the ground, hopefully the roads will be ok to drive on in the morning because I want to go to the quizmmeet.

102_6897 copy

I knitted a new watch band tonight. My old one was falling apart and needed to be kept together with a safety pin.

January 21st

Today was a long day. I didn’t get to sleep in, actually I had to be up earlier than normal. I volunteer as an official for Teen Bible Quizzing. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s like quiz bowl only they study a book (or books) of the Bible. The teens that participate are some of the nicest teens I know.

Got home around 4 p.m. and was so tired that I feel asleep on my laptop.

102_6925 copy

Some little creature walked through the backyard.


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