Posted by: erh77 | January 7, 2012

First week (January 1st-7th)

January 1st

I stayed at home for New Year’s Eve. I did manage to stay up and ring in the new year. I heard fireworks. I’m not sure where they were coming from or who was letting them off. I couldn’t see them from my window.

Went to church, well I always go to church on Sundays. Angel It felt good to ring in the new year worshipping God with my fellow believers. Title of the message was, “A New Year, A New You.” Text was Matthew 25:1-13. Key points were; (1) Life is a process of taking care of the details, (2) You are responsible for you-vs.6-9, and (3) There is such a thing as too late-vs. 10-13.

Came home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Picture for the day was this little guy;


My youngest nephew. Red heart He looked so grown up today. He is four and half, but most of the time he acts older.

January 2nd

Second day of the year and I cleaned some of my bedroom, watched the Rose Parade on TV, and baked some cookies.

I’m reading two books right now. SchoolThe Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere, which I just started today, and The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis, which I started in December sometime. The Forbidden is the second book in “The Courtship of Nellie Fisher” series.

It snowed today. Wasn’t really paying attention to what it was doing outside, then just happened to look outside and saw white on the ground and noticed it was still snowing. It didn’t snow for too long.

Pictures for the day were;


The cookies I made with my Cookie Pro Ultra II.


The snow.

January 3rd

My dad turned 62 today. Birthday cake Happy birthday, dad, I hope you have many more.

Spent part of the day inside this;


(If you don’t know, it’s Spongebob’s house from the Spongebob SquarePants show.)

This was given to my other nephews for Christmas 2006. I had put it in the basement after they had played with it for awhile. I found it one day and brought it up for them to play with again. I thought my youngest nephew would enjoy it since he had never played in it and he likes Spongebob. He does, but he thinks I should play in it too.

It came with markers so that they could color it however they wanted to. I don’t know where those markers went, but we always have markers somewhere.

January 4th

I stayed up too late the night before and was so tired today.


A pretty sunset, but not a very good picture. It’s hard to take a landscape picture in a moving vehicle.

[Don’t remember a whole lot of what I did because I didn’t “write” anything down before I went to bed.]

January 5th

My youngest nephew and I went to pre-school story time at the library. He enjoyed it and listened to the books the Librarian read. The theme was growing and the Librarian read some books about things that grew. It’s so cool to see kids ages 3-5 interact with an adult and each other.


My middle nephew playing in the Spongebob house.

My three middle nephews went back to school today and were here after school. It was kinda nice outside (low 50s) so I told them they could play outside, only one did.

January 6th

It was so nice outside today that my youngest nephew and I went for a walk to one of the parks near my house. He loved it and it was nice to be outside. He wanted me to push him in one of the baby swings. He’s really too big for it, but I let him anyway because he like to swing high and can’t using a big kid swing. I swung some from the bigger kid swing between pushing him. I love it.

Here is a picture I took while swinging;


There’s a fountain in the park and there was water in it which was frozen at some point. Because the temps are warmer, it was thawing out is some places.


A piece of the ice I managed to pick up out of the fountain. It’s probably around 2 inches thick.

The other nephews came here again after school. My youngest three nephews and I played outside for awhile since the temperature was near 60 degrees.


My youngest two nephews playing on the swingset.

Thumbs up to warm weather and being able to play outside.

January 7th

Went grocery shopping with my mom. My parents desktop computer is acting up and I have spend a couple of hours trying to figure out what’s wrong. I am not a computer expert, by any means.

It’s sunny again today, but not as warm as it has been.


The sunset out one of our bedroom windows. The sun always rises each morning and sets each evening, weather anyone sees it or not. I like that. It’s something I can always count on, just like God.


That was my first week of 2012 in summary.


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